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  • Help with Sizing

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if someone could help me with sizing for a 1/3 scale lane. I was just wondering a few things about a full scale lane, I belive the width is 42 inch? Also just wondering how far the drop is from the lane surface to the top of the table the pins land on? Also wondering the diamater of the table. Any tips or ideas would be great

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    Originally posted by moosehead View Post
    ... how far the drop is from the lane surface to the top of the table the pins land on?
    You mean the Pit? The turntable? Lane surface to Pit, I believe, is about six inches. I could be wrong. That's about the length of the "drop" in tenpins, AMF and Brunswick, both. 5 and a half to six inches.



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      Hi Doug yes the pit sorry, and how far back would it go from the end of the lane to the curtain?


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        Everything you need to know about sizing and spacing is here:
        scroll to the bottom of the page
        "Oil patterns?!? We don't need no stinkin' oil patterns!"


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          Just a quick overview from the top of my head (like CandlepinFTW said, it's in the link)

          Kickbacks - No surface should be closer than 56" apart including kickback panels (plastic, rubber, fiber)
          Pindeck drop off - 1/4" to 1/2"
          Gutter depth - no less than 3/4" deep
          Curtain distance from tailplank - no less than 14"
          I believe the pindeck is pretty much a perfect square so roughly 42" x 42" plus a 1" tailplank at the pit. We have synthetic decks at our place making no need for a tailplank. So our pindecks are a piece of lane panel cut 42" x 43" I think. So I'd say distance from pit to the drop off would be 43". Don't quote me on these though...


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            Perfect guys thanks for all the help!, I will be sure to keep you updated with pics and info as things come a long!


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              OK, pit turntable is 45 inches in diameter. Pit depth is 7 1/2 inches. Sweep Board is 55 inches wide. Now, I just need one or two more measurements...



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                Thanks Guys, just getting messurments together, then draw it out and start building.


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                  would anyone have any diagrams or designs on how the pin sweep works, along with how the pin table is lowered and raised?
                  I have been watching videos on you tube but I find it hard to tell


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                    Hi Mike! While we're waiting for an official answer, I thought I'd throw in a couple thoughts...The sweep is on an endless chain system. Not sure how it's attached, but it does that little "lift" and starts swinging on its way back. If ya can figure out how to attach it, the works are pretty easy.

                    The "pin table" is called The Tube Board, and I believe that's chain-driven as well. Whether it's a reversing motor, or endless loop, I have no idea. One really helpful area is the Patent site. Go here, and right on top is a DOWNLOAD button.

                    It has everything you need to know about the Bowl Mor Candlepin machine!



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                      Sorry for promising things for ya Doug then forgetting to follow up :P But I'll get some more accurate measurements for you soon. I can take some video's/pictures detailing the workings of both the sweep and tube drive units for you and Moosehead as well.



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                        Thanks very much guys, some great info, Thanks again to all of you helping to put all this together, I love how everyone helps everyone out here!


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