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  • Tube Board Question

    Hi Guys!

    Hey, I was wondering...what makes the fingers release the pins, when the Tube Board touches the pin deck? I see the frame that has the ten "fingers", but what operates that? A cam? Just curious...thanks!


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    Well, springs attatched to the fingers want to pull the whole finger assembly to the back or open position but, there is a latch that catches on the frame and holds them closed. The latch can be released with 3 different methods.

    The method that is original to a stock Bowl-mor is the trip rod method. A rod attached to the latch, goes up through the upper tubeboard with a nut at the top. The nut is adjusted to bottom out just before the tubeboard is at deck level which causes it to pull up, clearing the finger frame. The spring tension causes the fingers to pull back, releasing the pins.

    The second method is pretty much the same except instead of a rod, chain is used.

    The 3rd method (the mod used at my work place) is the plunger method. Under the latch there is a bolt that goes through the tubeboard and sticks out of the bottom by maybe 1-2". When the tubeboard hits the pindeck the bolt gets pushed up which also pushes up on the latch enough to clear the frame, and once again the spring tension pulls the fingers back and releases the pins.

    The fingers are closed again when the tubeboard goes back up. An angled piece of steel that is sticking up and attached to the finger assembly hits the cam close roller pushing the fingers foward and past the latch causing the fingers to lock back in place. Simple!

    Did that make any sense? I can grab a video of it if you want.

    *Note: Wow, I just hit 500 posts. Cool! haha
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      That is a perfect description, Candlepin Guy! Thank you! So, it is spring-loaded. I can see the angled close-cam here:

      Candlepin Tube Deck-01.jpg

      Then you can see the fram is rea-most here, and you csn see the trip-rod as well:

      Candlepin Tube Deck-02.jpg

      Excellent! Thank you, my friend!



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        Are those Brunswick Candlepins? I didn't think anyone had any left. I thought everyone was using Garlands now.
        "Oil patterns?!? We don't need no stinkin' oil patterns!"


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          Brunswick only ever made wood and plastic coated pins for candlepin. I'd say they look like "American Product" brand pins.


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            Another few questions, Candlepin Guy(s), how do I get the dimensions of the tube board? I imagine it would be pretty easy just to make a triangle of ten pinspots and fudge it, but I like accuracy. How about the Sweep Board? That is in two pieces. Are there any places that give you the dimensions of these? How about the diameter of the pit turntable? Depth of pit, I figure about six inches. Right?

            Those would be the most pressing for now! Thanks!



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              Hey doug, im at work now. Gimme 20 mins and ill have some numbers for ya!



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                Still have to get the tubeboard but pit depth is about 7.5" at its deepest point. Sweep boards are 55" wide and turntable is 45" in diameter. Ill get some more accurate measurements in a bit.


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                  Ahh, the pit is deeper than I thought. Great! Turntable is 45 inches...good. Thanks, Nick!



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                    Did we ever get tube board dimensions? Just wondering.



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                      The only measurement I have in my head is the pins are set 12" on center.


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                        Thank you Mr B! Nice pic!



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                          If I get the opportunity this evening I will measure one out for you Doug.
                          -Kris W


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                            12" on center.via usbc ?


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                              Originally posted by wepauls View Post
                              12" on center.via usbc ?
                              ICBA: International Candlepin Bowling Association is THE Organization for All Thigs Candlepin.

                              It's the ICBA, but one rule tenpin and candlepin have in common is the pins are set 12" center to center. Many other rules are different. Deadwood is part of the game unless it travels too far toward the foul line. No need to level lanes. No lane oil needed.


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