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Preventative Maintenance - Jet Back Booster & A2 Accelerator Control Boxes


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  • Preventative Maintenance - Jet Back Booster & A2 Accelerator Control Boxes

    I convert my booster control relays over to Plug-ins as they fail. They are the same as the Motor Start & Recycle relays which makes it very convenient.

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    how well is this working out? do you have a wiring diagram by chance?


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      I have done all of mine except for 2 pairs.
      Those will be done when its time to service the ball booster.

      PS. This works great in the power lift box also.


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        im gonna try it out.. having to use the ols ones are a real pain! I also want to put all new wiring what gage is the wire?


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          Electrical code is 80% of continuous load, so 14 gauge is 15 Amp times 0.8 = 12 Amp continuous, 12 gauge wire is 20 Amp times 0.8 = 16 Amp depending on the motor draw. It will most likely be 14 gauge.
          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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            I have done all of mine and love it. I used 12 Gage wire For the high voltage and 16 for the low voltage. The best thing is only need to stock one relay because I use the same for motor start and cycle relays.


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