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  • Broken key


    Recently had to overhaul a Jap A2 gearbox. I found this shattered key to be the cause of the problem.
    Anyone wanting to have a guess at

    A) Which shaft?
    B) What part was the key under?
    C) What was the original problem?

    First correct answer receives 1 free game.

  • #2
    A) 1:1 main shaft.
    B) Moving deck/scissor cam.
    C) Setting wobbly pins.
    And if I happen to be right, I ain't cashing in on the prize.
    It is wiser to find out than suppose.--Mark Twain


    • #3
      Need some dimensions . Otherwise it could be from the fly wheel on a Cessna 152 4 Cylinder Air Cooled engine LOL
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


      • #4

        A) 4:1
        B) steel gear that drives 2:1
        C) rake being driven, but 2:1 and 1:1 not or lagging and slipping way behind.


        • #5
          Im going with stripperbolt and the 1-1 cam key.
          Thats the only key I have seen break up in pieces like that.
          But knowing its a Japanese version, you cant rule out anything.


          • #6
            I see 2 correct answers but from different posters.

            Jap A2 box running at pie plate speed for 30 years, now installed on A model running at A speed. Problem it was causing wasn't constant but amnoying. I suspected the part this key was locking to the shaft to be the cause, and in one way it was but not how I expected.


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              Everyone else scared to have a shot?


              • #8
                Ok looks like anyone who wants to have a guess and pick up the prize has done so.

                The correct answers are

                A) 4:1 shaft
                B) The bronze gear
                C) The deck was knocking over pins when restanding them, most notably the 7 & 10 pins.


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