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Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Ball Wheel Belt Question


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  • Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Ball Wheel Belt Question

    A friend was looking at his ball wheel belt which stated it was 208" long, (Pic 1). He was pretty sure that it is a B205 belt which should be 205" long. The answer is "yes" to both. A B205 indicates that it is had an ID length of 205". To get the OD on a "B" belt you must add 3" to yield 208". For an "A" belt you add 2", "C" 4", "D" 5" and so on. "L" & "V" belts ARE measured from their OD but these are really for fractional horsepower applications.

    I've included some literature on belts and a calculator +info for reference. I created this info before I left Beloit for the benefit of the next mechanic. You'll note 1 & 8 use longer M-EL belts. That's because the foundation sank causing the elevator to shift to left requiring a longer belt. I never re-shimmed the elevator - my bad. IMO, it is easier to keep all the M-GB belts the same and use non-standard M-EL belts as you have alot more forgiveness with the idler on the M-EL belt. And if you have "pivoting" motors, don't forget to set the "Torque Plate" gap to prevent the M-GB belt from flying off.

    ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 19.5.2378

    Belt Long Ball Wheel.jpgBelt Lengths.jpgBelt Information.pdf Belt Information 2.pdf Belt Calculator.xls
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!

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