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rubber bushings


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  • rubber bushings

    It used to be lubricate the rubber bushings on the model A pit cushion arms with brake fluid. We are thinking of using silicone. Any opinion or comments are greatly appreciated!

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    I am guessing you are referring to item # 34 on parts page 4E & 5E. You need to know what kind of rubber it is. The consensus on the net seems to indicate that petroleum products will harm natural rubber but I doubt those are natural rubber. They also state brake fluid, silicon and some other lubricants do Not harm nitrile, buna, ect. If you google "Will silicon harm rubber" you will get more than you want to know LOL.
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      I have never lubricated the rubber bushings in over 40 years.
      I did the rubber turn pan bushings once years ago, but nothing after that.


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