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A2 Cycling issue


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  • A2 Cycling issue

    I've got a problem,

    I've got converted A2's with Qubica's Conqueror scoring system alongside t-vision cameras and the silver 6-boxes

    Lane 9 is scoring properly but is refusing to cycle through the scoring system or the front desk but will cycle fine if either of the reset buttons are pushed

    I've tried swapping the time delay module and the 6 board with another pair of lanes but have had no changes

    I appreciate any help received with this

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    Does the relay light in the six box come on when the scoring cycling is used? Can you hear the relay in the six box click when using the scoring cycling?


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      The led for cycling in the six box flashes quickly and the cycle relay makes a definite click, it's also see through plastic so I can see the relay making contact


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        You probably lost the connection between the six box and the tdm in the pinsetter. If you know where the wires from the six box tie into the pinsetter, disconnect the wires from the pinsetter and temporarily tie the ends together. Then go to the six box and check for continuity at the green terminal connector. If you have continuity, the untie the wires and confirm the continuity goes away. If you have continuity, the problem is past that point in the machine. If you don't have continuity, then the problem is in the wire from the six box to the machine.

        If you don't know where it ties into the machine, trace the wire from the six box. If you need to know which wire it is let me know.


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          The cycle wire from the six box to the pinsetter is the far left pair of wires in each outside set of terminals. See pic below.
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            Remove the lower cover from the Six box. Turn pinsetter on, unplug the pinsetter motor if you want for safety. Two of the wires from the pinsetter to the Six box go to terminals marked "CY." Use a paper clip or bare wire to jump those two terminals. If the cycle solenoid doesn't engage, turn pinsetter off and follow those two wires back to the pinsetter electrical box and look at where they connect to the cycle wiring of the pinsetter. You will probably find blue Scotchlok connectors on very small wires.The blue ones are for 14-16 AWG wire. Reseat those connectors, replace them with other connectors, or solder the wires as you see fit. If the problem is not where these wires connect you may need to replace them.


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              If they used the "pinch" connectors to tie the scoring in to the machine, this could be a possibility. They did this to mine before I could stop them on the install. They are Not Good for vibration environments, or anything else IMO. I had numerous failures of these connectors over the years, eventually removed all of them, tied the wiring into TS2 or soldered the connections. Gently pull on the connectors in several directions and see if the machine cycles. They work for a while but over the years, fail to make continuous contact. That's the tough part as many times you will have intermittent problems. Either the lane will not turn on or won't cycle because of these inferior connectors. All the connections can be made to TS 2 except for one which I used a butt connector on in this case. Would be better to solder probably but butt connectors rarely fail. (oh wait, Only Billy Goats go but but)

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                Are both the ball IR sensors working?


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                  I have done your test and it has continuity when it should and doesn't once I disconnect the two wires from eachother

                  I tried shorting the two wires at the terminal but the machine didn't attempt to cycle

                  I'm currently checking all the connectors that tie from the six box into cycle system

                  The ball sensors are functioning properly as the six board lights up, the relay clicks, and the camera takes it's picture and scores when I pass my hand through the sensors


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                    Like you said the 6 box has been swapped and the cycle led lights and the relay clicks apparently at the appropriate times. You also get continuity through the wires running from the six box to the machine so the problem doesn't appear to be scoring related. The six box provides dry relay contacts that mimic the reset button and your reset buttons are working correctly so it seems you have a bad connection somewhere between the wires coming from the six box and the tdm.

                    Where inside the machine electrical box does your scoring cycling wire tie into the machine. Some installers will tie into the 2 pin cannon plug inside the machine, I've seen some actually cut the wire running from the ball return and tie in outside the machine and some tie directly into the tdm.


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                      I think you are all on the right track but one more thing to check. Continuity from the wire channel to the cycle solenoid, (all the wiring from the electrical box to the solenoid), AND the solenoid itself. Usually when a component like this fries, it is gone. However, you may have a semi-loose connection somewhere in the high volt circuit. It could even be the high voltage connections in the TDM. Also check plunger adjustment and make sure there is no binding.
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                        We had the same problem on an odd Lane when we got our qubica conqueror installed, it turned out to be the camera board.
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