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intermediate 180 happening


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  • intermediate 180 happening

    I have one of my machines going into a 180. I am part owner, but not good tech. so asking on behalf of my crew.

    we have one lane that is going into a 180. Not sure where to start looking for the issue as it doesn't happen every frame. Might go a full game of 4-person league without, then next game it happen 5 times or more..

    If you have like 3 or 4 steps, things to check or watch that would be helpful to tell my team. and start there.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Dan, When the machine is stopped at 180 knowing what the pin travel is doing will help us determine what to do. Such as a turn pan jam, head first pin, cross conveyor slipping, pin wheel not turning because of cross conveyor switch, turret not indexing, spider not releasing pins after 5 pin drops, or not indexing after pins have dropped in the deck. Pictures of the machine when it is stopped would also help


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      Joel, i will work on this, as we have some high school PE classes going today, so lets see if we can get some of this


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        it could be youre gear box 180 turret interlck adjustment... check to make sure you have 1/4in gap between youre clutch release lever and youre clutch actuator lever


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          When it goes into a 180, is the turret empty, that is pins were released and the turret did not advance to the next position?


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            Tophat.....said "intermittant hanging 180s". I would look at your reset lever 1st.....a racked lever will do funky things. would also look at your gear box dashpot. Adj # 10 in the manual. another posibility is your gear box clutch is floating in and out of adjustment which is adjustment #9. if it is "floating" it could be over rotating past 0 and only coming to stop at 180. But like the previous post said could be the 180 turret interlock out of adjustment. with that i have seen machines where it works fine until pins are dropped into deck and that would trigger the machine to cycle by the impact of pins to the deck vibrating the interlock and cycle the machine. that adjustment is Adj. #12
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