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Occasional No Recycle


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  • Occasional No Recycle

    Having issues with occasional no recycle. When observing machine signals is sent to cycle solenoid however it seems that it is not getting enough power to set machine in motion. TDM is working, solenoid is good, any ideas?

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    Weak solenoid, or 230v solenoid used instead of a 115v solenoid.


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      Check solenoid alignment and height, also the pull plunger can get shaved down so it may be sloppy, and the end pin hole gets wallowed out allowing pin to wedge, eventually it can loose all its metal. Usually like Wookie shows the solenoid can get weak. I don't have the readings to look at, but believe the ohms on good solenoids are around 95 to 120. The solenoid alignment can shift slowly over time after all the triggers it takes.


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        could be an egged out hole on the starter bell crank where the cyleniod link connects
        Ignorance is Bliss!


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          When you cycle the pinsetter by hand does it seem hard to squeeze the plunger up into the solenoid? If so you may have worn x washer pins in the trigger assemble. Check them all closely. The top pin in the starter bellcrank could be worn as well as the slot in the link it rides in. When your done checking and replacing worn parts oil up everything. A gearbox clutch that isn't adjusted properly could be putting more pressure on the clutch lever and stop arm than is necessary. That could make the solenoid struggle to pull in the plunger too. Also make sure all springs here are the correct ones.


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            Juuuusst gonna add a tidbit here. I have found wires going into TD about to break and caused this very issue. Strip fresh wire and crimp a new end on and reinstall is the cure for that. Or however yours are set up.


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              Which machines use 115v or 230v? I wanna check that first. No telling what they did before I got here


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                Originally posted by Tmg95 View Post
                Which machines use 115v or 230v? I wanna check that first. No telling what they did before I got here
                You have to test it with a volt meter to be sure at the plug unless your machines are hardwired. You can take off the electrical box cover and test it at the breaker but be careful and/or wear insulating gloves for performing such tasks. My jap machines run on 208 and read 214 or so at the plug. IF you would like, I'm in the office for a bit more and you could call me direct which is a bit simpler for communication.


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