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Broken Pit Frame


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  • Broken Pit Frame

    I have a question regarding pit conveyor frame. So underneath the offset pulley that vibrates the pit Board. My Lane 7 was making a terrible Racket and come to find out from closer inspection that the frame that the offset pulley bolts to just under the jogger arm. The angle iron frame had broke in half just under that so it was smacking around making a loud noise. I took the frame out re-welded it knowing that was not a permanent fix and it broke a day later. So I pulled everything out of the machine the frame lower frame. Send I use another piece of angle iron to butt up against the one that was broke and I welded it all together hoping that that would support we're broke. That works for about two days and it snapped that one and half as well. Can anybody tell me why this is happening is something just not adju 20200305_104616.jpg sted right where it's putting enough stress on that

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    youre shaft bearings could be shot causing the extra vibration to the sub frame?


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      What's the state of the vibrator shaft? Are the bearings press fit? Same as the jogger arms, are their bearings tightly fit? As Fabian mentioned it could be related to unwanted looseness in the connected parts.

      Also, are you running the OEM pulleys on the BW jackshaft and lower idler?
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        Doesn't look like you had good penetration on that weld job. Once you have all your mechanicals sorted out you may want to farm out the weld job or locate another frame.


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          The main bearings is where all the stress is going to be on the bottom frame.
          You will need a good weld job, and probably with additional support in that are where the weld is at.


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            Terrible weld u gotta penetrate it deep
            The older the part, the STRONGER it is.


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              Are you using the same type of piers or mounts on all four corners? I have seen sub plate lags loosen if they are mixed.


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                I have the frame welded with a MIG welder this time instead of a stick welder. And braced I will put it in tomorrow and I'll see how it goes


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                  The best is a full penetration weld (Pic 1) A fillet weld works but not as good. When done heat the entire area to cherry red with a torch and wrap it in a fireproof blanket to let it cool slowly. I tend to agree with Griz. Have a pro do it.

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                    The metal plate under all the frames was actually broken near the bolt that holds it down


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