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Scissor cable under scissor deck


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  • Scissor cable under scissor deck

    Hey guys got a machine that started with a couple double dumps today, found that MD was getting blocked out on occasion when it shouldn't have been. Upon investigation, I found that the scissor cam follower was moving away from the 1:1 cover that it bolts to, probably because there was no washer installed on that bolt. This was a GB we assembled in the shop and threw into that machine a few years ago. Upon even further investigation, I found that the scissor cable was under the scissor deck, slicing through the 7 side. Got it free, got the cam follower resecured. My only question here is, what causes the cable to end up under the deck? This is one machine where I've already had to free up that cable once in the past, probably within the last six months.

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    That is different. We've known of ghost spirits after hours doing many things around witches midnight. A prior tech didn't pay attention or double check when installing. Found 3 left like that, 2 at one house, one at another he worked at. He also had a high percentage scissor cables WAY TOO TIGHT.


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      Oh yes, I've never had to replace that cable, usually that occurs when connecting back up after pulling the deck.


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        I thought the same thing at first Seward. And maybe the first time it was installed incorrectly, but I'm 100% positive I had to pull this specific cable back up over the scissor deck fairly recently. Ghosts. Probably the only answer.

        Oh and an update on the situation, after monkeying around with it, noticed that moving deck cable would not tighten up no matter what I did. I'm think I've got seized bastard shaft bearings... kill me now please.


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          If you do, check this post, Page 2. Preventative Maintenance Brunswick A Jets A2 - SC/Dk Pulley Assembly

          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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            Originally posted by mickeygm View Post
            If you do, check this post, Page 2. Preventative Maintenance Brunswick A Jets A2 - SC/Dk Pulley Assembly
            Thanks Mickey. I've only done one before this, and it was a beast of a job. Luckily, this one was a piece of cake. Got pulleys and shaft out in about an hour using vice grips, a hammer, and a socket/bolt/washer bearing puller I came up with on the fly. Boss came in the next day to reassemble. Got his part done in about an hour too. Lucked out this time.


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