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  • Pit Board Angle

    What are some of the things one can do to get a steeper angle on the pit board?

    Nothing is wrong, my elevator height and pit height are correct. Carpets are clean and we use zip carpets also. Would just like to see faster movement in the pit....

    The last pit I did, I was experimenting with the board angle. Shimming the lower frame higher and adding washers under the front pit mount assemblies I could only get the front of the board 1/2” higher. lower frame was level and set to 14” from bottom of lower frame to the top of pin deck.

    The board still seems really flat to me but, I’m curios as to how steep you could get that angle on the pit board....

    thanks all, MECHEY

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    I believe the front pit adjustment could go as high as 13 1/2" to the pin deck.
    Not sure, but that number popped into my head.....


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      If you want to see faster pin movement, why don’t you use pvc material for carpet cover.


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        I shimmed the front (pin deck) side of the frame up to get the top of the pit board 4-3/4" below the lane surface. Then lowered the elevator frames down to just one washer (the larger OD washer is required for the square of the carriage bolt). Then I was able to lower the back side of the pit frame down. Doing this allows adjustment room to get the most drop you can from the pit board to ball wheel and also gives additional front to back slant of the pit board to aid pin movement.

        Some will say doing this isn't advisable because it puts unneeded torque on the lower frame from front to back and leads to cracking of the lower pit frame. That isn't something I've experienced. However, my pits run at half the speed of the OEM setup which saves an incredible amount of wear to the assembly.

        Other things to consider- If you are using the red pit mounts up front, they can sag and may be causing the front of the pit to sit low. In case you aren't aware, the front and back OEM pit mounts are different sizes and can't be used interchangeably.


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