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Sweeping pins after trying to detect


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  • Sweeping pins after trying to detect

    Lane 7 is giving us some grief. basically if any of our customers bowl a 9 and leave the 7, 8, or 10 pin standing; the deck will come down to try to detect and not detect those pins- telling the pinsetter to sweep and set a fresh set of pins (while in the scoring system it shows it being on second ball still).

    We have checked deckpads and a few adjustments but at this point we have adjusted enough things that i worry that would cause other things to fall out of adjustment.

    Any advice at all would be extremely helpful! Thanks!

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    Check your rod ends on your deck lift stabilizers. If you have a lot of play in them the deck will lean forward and detect a strike.


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      [QUOTE=Ulf;n1102178]Check your rod ends on your deck lift stabilizers. If you have a lot of play in them the deck will lean forward and detect a strike.[/Q

      When you say "play" in the rod ends, do you mean forward to back motion or do you mean 7 to 10 play only in the rod ends?


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        Excuse my english. More of an up and down motion. Stabilizers will level the deck to the lane. If worn, the deck will lean back to front when detecting no 1 pin. Higher in front, 1 pin, and lower in the back, 7 8 910 pin. Detecting back row pin will make the deck lean the other way, low in front and high in the back. Spotting new pins at 270 and you are able to wiggle the deck up an down in the front, no 1 pin, your rod ends are gone.


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          Do you have factory or converted A2's? Detector rod adjustment can be tedious on a converted machine, while more forgiving on a factory A2.


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            Bruns-man20 has a point.

            Also, what adjustments have you checked/performed?

            What style of stabilisers do you have?
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              First, check that the machine deck is level (compared to the lane, pin deck). Do this by setting the deck down at 270, setting new pins. Measure the space between the lane and the bottom of the scissor deck. Measurement should be 15/16-1" if you have lowering links, 1" if you have Scotch Yokes. Measure each deck post (7 & 10 pin sides), and under the front of the deck. If the measurements are not equal, determine why.

              Also, check the condition of the bearings in the caps at the top of the deck posts, and also the deck shaft itself. I've had several where the bearings came apart, balls fell out, and created the symptom that you've described.


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                Make sure the strike detecting height is eight and one half inches, then while the deck is still at strike height, loosen the detector rod clamp and push up on tube until the rod just stops, then lower 1/8 inch and retighten tube clamp. Use one finger on the bottom of the rod and lightly push up on rod , observing the roll pins to determine if you have 1/8 inch movement ( or free play). When doing this adjustment make certain the strike cam follower is in low dwell.


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                  Originally posted by Ulf View Post
                  Check your rod ends on your deck lift stabilizers. If you have a lot of play in them the deck will lean forward and detect a strike.
                  -Ulf, thank you for your response. This was the problem. we had initially tried that first and realized after your comment that we needed to increase the distance on the rod ends instead of decreasing the threads. We were just thinking about it backwards. Thank you for your help!


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