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Lane not turning on the front ball lift when activated


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  • Lane not turning on the front ball lift when activated

    Hey guys, Lane 16 is giving me a headache. Obviously lane 15 and 16 share a ball lift on the approach. The ball lift only activates and turns on if lane 15 is running. When i start a game on 16, the ball lift does not get a signal. I have checked the basic troubleshooting for this and haven't had any luck figuring out what the issue is. Is there anything I am missing? Do I need to focus my time on Lane 16's electrical box, or should i spend more time chasing wires/troubleshooting the motor control box on the front ball lift? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    The problem could be one of many possible problems. Usually, the problem is not difficult to fix. I will suppose that the ball booster or accelerator is running when lane 16 is on. That's if you have a booster or accelerator. If you do and it runs, then first thing I usually did was to swap the 2 cannon plugs that are connected to the booster/accelerator electrical box and then see if the lift runs when lane 16 is on by itself. If it does run, then try running lane 15 by itself and verify that the lift does not come on. If so, your problem is possibly a bad relay, or wire, in that box. Pretty easy to check by removing the 4 screws holding it to the top of the booster or accelerator. Just be sure to unplug the power cord to that elec. box and the to each pinsetter. You can then flip the elec. box over and inspect for charred/burned points on the relays and possible broken wire somewhere. If all looks good, you may have a bad relay in the powerlift control box up front. If you know how to use a multi-meter, you can use that to do some troubleshooting. Remember that the cables from the accel. elec. box to the front power lift are 24 volt. But the power inside the accel. elec. box is 208 (usually) if that power cord is plugged into it. That's why you wanna unplug that. And before getting inside of the power lift box, disconnect the cannon plugs on it, 'cause one of those in the incoming power (120 v.). Let us know what you find.
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      Hey, ozzyty33, I gave you a little bit of misinfo on previous post. Forgive me. I've been out of the mechanic game for about 16 months. In the booster/accelerator electric box, the contact points on the 2 relays only supply the voltage to the booster/accel. motor. The 24 volt wires are the ones connected at the bottom of the relays, the coils. You should also see wires from those coil connections going to the cannon plug connectors in that box. That is where the 24 volts comes from to power the coils of the power lift relays. And, the origin of the 24 volts comes from the pinsetters. Depending on how the pinsetter electric box is mounted, there is a cable with a cannon plug attached to the pinsetter elec. box at the bottom left, if the pinsetter box is a rear mount style. Hope I haven't confused you. 'Cause I'm gettin' that way.
      It is wiser to find out than suppose.--Mark Twain


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        As stripperbolt stated:

        1) Wiring to accel/booster box
        2) Accel/booster box relays
        3) Wiring from accel/booster box going to power lift (use a toner to find the break here)
        4) Power lift relays

        99% of problems are in these 4 areas


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