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Deck Lift Gear Damaged


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  • Deck Lift Gear Damaged

    Starting Issue, Random Cycling of Pinsetter
    Noticed that the Rake Crank Arm had a jerk/stutter on 2nd pass of 4 phase movement. Hand cranked to movement point and felt solid gap in gear.

    Removed Gearing from Deck lift side. Large Gear on two piece assy has one section of 8 mashed/torn teeth edge on inside about 1/8".

    Can discern no visible foreign objects in base of gearbox, drained oil. As well no other gears or worm shaft seem to be affected. Still need to further inspect, just looking for input as to what might be the issue.

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    You're going to have to remove the 4 to 1 assembly and check out the spur gear there that drives the 2 to 1. You'll probably get your answer when your in there.


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      I would almost expect to find something loose inside the gearbox with that type of damage.


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        It's curious that the damage is limited to a small area.
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          Not uncommon to have 1:1 gear retaining bolts loosen/break off. Never had any do that though.
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            Looks like a piece of something was crunched against the spur gear on those half dozen teeth. My money is on part of the bronze 4:1 gear.
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              Removed 4:1 And this link is a short clip of the gear in rotation. I can discern no obvious damage other than some bronze pitting and scrapes inside steel teeth,


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                Bronze gear looks fairly new.
                Maybe that is damage from a previous failure.


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                  I have to go with Wookie on this one, that worm gear looks pretty good, Maybe a previous issue caused the damage to the 2:1?

                  But you mentioned the stutter on the 4:1, was there any play on the worm gear, was it tight on the shaft? I have seen broken keys or severely worn keyway cause what you might describe as a stutter.

                  If you have put it all back together by now I would the machine to point of the stutter, shut off your power and by hand move the gearbox until you find the spot where it jumps, this should be the point of most play, grab hold of the rake crank arm and move it, take note of which shafts in the gearbox move with it, if any? This will help eliminate some possible causes.

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                    Should have found something in the gearbox that caused it ??? Also I am seeing some heavy wear on the right side of bronze gear, chips are coming off if you enlarge the clip. Tells me that at one time it was installed, "Shimmed", improperly to match the worm gear. It is showing signs of wear which I'm guessing is caused by using the 30 W oil. If you have electronic triggering, you can back out the time delay stem and put in 90 W or 90/140 W gear lube. It will slow the wear process down a lot. Recommend using BELRAY MA-1500 Heavy. I am also seeing some pretty good spalling on the small 4:1 spur gear. Thinking this gear box is not real happy.

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                      After a thorough inspection by I believe that the prior mech did change out some things. the Worm shaft looks a little too new for the wear on seen on everything else. We are going to clean it out put it back and check for any shifts in the assemblies. Couldn't find anything related to the Stutter I found but we will see on return.

                      Thanks for all the input.


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                        Be sure to get the 4:1 assembly properly shimmed to the worm shaft.
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