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Oily pin curtains causing misscoring


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  • Oily pin curtains causing misscoring

    I'm having an issue with oily pin curtains showing up on camera. I've tried cleaning , sanding and painting over them with flat black but it still shows up on camera. Any suggestions?

    I'm running A2 pinsetters with Vector scoring and the pin curtains are made of a thick black rubber.

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    Cleaning with solvent, then spraying area with flat black always worked for me.
    I havent had to sand any curtains since we had AS-80 scanners.
    Your curtains may be badly oil soaked.


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      The only time I experienced scoring problems due to glare off the curtains was AMF accu score. Just cleaned with a solvent based cleaner to dull them down.


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        Is this lane oil or gear oil? If it's gear oil find a way to stop it before it gets to the curtain.


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          I've got Vector & A-2's where I am also. Like these guys said, first get a couple of rags & Pinsetter cleaner (or something relative to it like "Langlo or even your center's lane cleaner) and rub the heck out of the runs and drips until they're dull & totally dry. Later on, maybe see which of the gear box seals are leaking oil & check the drain plug. If you have drip pans, take them out carefully & empty them. Clean off the frame bar too. The oil is dripping off of it onto the pit curtain probably.

          Since your cleaning the curtain, clean off the camera lens with a completely separate & clean cloth with rubbing alcohol while you're near it.

          Go up front to the counter computer & open up Vector Desk
          • click Vector Settings
          • go to Pin Camera settings. Don't mess with the light levels on the right side of the screen quite yet. You'll complicate things for yourself.
          • there's a white drop box in the upper left corner of the screen where you can select the lane number and when you do the screen will show a still picture of the pins for that lane
          • with the mouse, drag and drop the red targets on the screen to the brightest spot on the head of each pin. Each target has the associated pin number attached to it, so pay close attention not to mix up the order of the targets with the real order of the pins.
          • hit the long blue Send To Scorer icon
          • at your discretion, repeat the following steps for the other lane of the pair. Might as well while you're there, right?
          You can ask your counter staff (or do it yourself if you already know how to) to put up a test game for you on that lane and bowl several frames to make sure the scores are correct.

          This is kind of elaborate but hopefully this helps. It did for me because on several random lanes I had scoring problems and it occurred to me after cleaning the curtains the mis-scoring hoopla was coming from the cameras. Turned out a lot of those red targets I mentioned we offset for several lanes.

          Other than that, maybe you have pin lamp bulbs that are on their way out on those particular machines & dimming.


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            Originally posted by Headpin View Post
            The only time I experienced scoring problems due to glare off the curtains was AMF AccuScore. Just cleaned with a solvent based cleaner to dull them down.

            We had AccuScore (with Jap A-2s) at the center I started in years back. It was solid & trusty. I rarely got complaints about scoring problems and I worked the jam-packed, hardcore league nights with the high lineage sticklers(I did clean the curtains on a regular basis though).

            Ahhhh...memories. I sure don't miss replacing gargantuan upper monitors though (LOL)! Dreadful.


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              I don't have experience with Vector but I can say I had reflection and scoring issues when we converted to LED pit lights. The combination of the focused light and the change in the pit curtain angle when the rake dropped caused a great deal of issues. Our solution was a combination of lowering the intensity of the DMX brightness intensity and tweaking the angle of the LED array.

              Installing the lower pit curtain mount conversion may be another option which will keep the angle of the curtain fixed regardless of the rakes position.
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