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A2 Pinsetters sliding deck


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  • A2 Pinsetters sliding deck

    First time to post, only been working with these since august. We had a sliding deck crack, we dropped the stationary deck and the sliding deck as one and was able to get the sliding deck off and replace with one that had been welded but looked good. we rewound the deck spring with the deck out and re-installed the assembly. After we hooked up the scissors cable and the sliding deck cable the deck won't set the pins. It seems the pins are caught the rollers underneath. Looking at the deck position it seems too far forward. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I'd have to say that you have the movi deck cable wrapped incorrectly or you are hung up on a deck chute/spotting finger bolt
    If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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      So the deck isn't shifting when & where it's supposed to... or is it sliding back & forth while the deck moves up/down during the cycle (flying free, rolling on the slides in rhythm with the momentum of the deck's arched movement)? If you find it isn't because of the things zbowl mentioned, then it sounds like you might not haven't gotten the end of the MD torsion spring all the way in its dwell in the corner stationary deck, & so the spring came unwound at some point after you rewound it.
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        The simplest answer is that you have adjusted the deck cable too tight and the moving deck is floating. If your forward geneva bearing is below the geneva plate instead of in the slot try loosening the cable a bit and then sliding the moving deck forward and back.


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          Thanks for the info, will look into this on Monday. Thanks again!


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            One more thing. If the deck is floating, only touch the top of the deck chutes to slide it. It shouldn't be hard to move and you don't want to pinch your fingers when the geneva bearing snaps into the slot.


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              This is approximately where the bearings should be in the geneva plate at Zero Degrees. If it appears a lot different than this, you have some adjusting to do. Also need to inspect all cables. The deck jam tube cable will appear "Wavy" because the strands are breaking inside the tube and they are beginning to "Unwind". The lower deck cable can be inspected somewhere around 270 degrees when the sheave exposes the connection pin. Use a rag and drag it across the cable. The rag will again "catch" the breaks in the individual strands. DO NOT use your bare hand. Then follow the Brunswick procedure. Cables Do NOT stretch, they simply "Unwind" as the individual strands break making the cable "Longer". If any of the spotting fingers contact any of the pins on the way up after setting the pins on the deck, the Cable is Too Tight, if any buckets contact the pins, it is Too Loose. I usually lower the deck to 270 setting pins, remove the cable from the sheaves using a rag and then turn the adjusting link. (Cylinder). Leaving it connected and turning the adjusters may also "unwind" the cable which is not good.

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