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  • Motor start relay

    Ever sence the lightning zapped us, i have been having strange things happen. I have a machine that will not turn on, unless i nanually close the motor start relay. runs fine till it is turned off. then to turn it back on, i have to push down on the relay again. anyone know why this happens?

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    Re: Motor start relay

    hey magic,
    what type of machine are you working on?
    what is the motor start relay?
    do you have a auto score system connected?
    what make of scorer if yes?




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      Re: Motor start relay

      MAGIC!!!, we got struck by lightning last friday and fryed 22 of our 32 gs98 new learning the machines...but i know that the lanes that dont work the interface boards? got fryed and we were soppoesed to have them back up and running sunday but its almost been a thought id pass this on to u cuz we got struck too...just thoughtd id tell you..



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        Re: Motor start relay

        Magic...assuming you have Brunswick machines. Measure the voltage at the coil of the motor start relay when it should be on but is not yet. You will either read 24 volts or something around 18. If you read 24, your problem is a weak coil. Change it and your problem will go away. If you are reading less than 20 or so...your problem will be more involved. You will need to read between TS2-6 and TS2-9 with the coil still in the same position. If you are reading 24 volts there and only 18 or so at the coil, you have something dropping some voltage between 6 and 9...maybe the switch at the desk, deck jam switch, turret jam switch, masking unit switch or the mechanics safety switch on the back of the machine. As you can see, this can get very involved. If your reading between 6 and 9 is low...your input voltage into the transformer may be low. Check your input voltage. Anything after this will require some info from you to help you solve it.

        Info needed:
        Incoming votage of machine
        Type of machine
        If A-2 - is it Japanese
        Voltage read at the following points:
        TS2-9 to 5,TS2-9 to 3,TS2-9 to 2

        You get the idea...some more info is needed.

        Good luck...let us know what you find.

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