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  • Rake adjustment

    I have a machine that had a constant problem of breaking the rake rod that is attached to the 4:1 shaft. We have stopped the problem but now the rod is adjusted out so far that it hits the rake hook when it cycles and slams the rake into the stops when it comes back from 180*. Looking to get it back to normal but keep it from breaking the rods (went through 4 in a week).

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    Re: Rake adjustment use this Link for the best rake adjustment out there that I've seen work by
    Steve Stafford.From the Brunswick Technical Reference.
    Thank You All! For All the prayers and and the out pouring of good spirits in my time of need greatly appreciated!


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      Re: Rake adjustment

      Junkmonkey has the answer. Follow the instructions to a tee and see how you go.
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        Re: Rake adjustment

        <span style="font-style: italic">Follow these steps instead...the above link was an article I wrote and it has some "compromises" in it.</span>

        Follow this adjustment step by step. Don't cut any corners:

        Step 1: Perform deck lift shaft adjustment. Adjustment 13 on page 3-16 in your service manual. This will position the deck lift shaft and the rake sweep shaft in the proper positions.

        Step 2: At zero degrees, position "C" lever so that its closest point is 1/4" from rake sweep shaft. To adjust, cycle to 90 degrees and loosen set screw on rake trip shaft assy. (If you loose the gap at the trip latch, don't worry. Don't open trip latch until you get done with step 7) Remember that the shaft must be adjusted in 1 turn increments. Each rotation of the shaft is about 1/32” change in gap.

        Step 3: At 45 degrees, raise out-of-range latch. Set rake sweep hook clearance above block to 5/16" by adjusting the link between the collar for the curved shoe and the rake hook sweep cam follower. (You should have changed 12-250040 link and roll pins if there was too much wear) This adjustment may cause you to have to adjust the out-of-range latch.

        Step 4: While still at 45 degrees, lower out-of-range latch. Pull the out-of-range reset lever at the rear of the pinsetter and while holding it in its rearmost position, rotate the middle cross brace until the short inner arm on the out-of-range blocking latch just drops over the pin in the cross brace. (The reset lever can be held in its most rearward position by placing the palm of your hand on the connection of the adjusting link and the collar for the curved shoe and holding this down) Tighten the bolts. The cross brace may be rotated by placing a pin punch through one of the roll pins in the center cross brace.

        Step 5: Position rake at rearmost position (180 degrees) and measure gap between rake sweep arms and cross member of frame. This gap should be 1/4" at the closest point of either arm. This gets the rake as far to the rear as possible without hitting the frame. Use the rake sweep link to obtain this clearance.

        Step 6: While still at 180 degrees, loosen rake lowering stop bracket and allow it to fall away from rake lift shaft. Position rake lift cam follower in low of rake lift cam by rotating the gear box by hand and watching the rake lift shaft until it has reached its furthest clockwise position. Adjust the rake lowering stop bracket to obtain 1/16" between it and the lower side of the "V" lever. Be sure the bottom of the stop bracket is solid against the frame of the pinsetter.

        Step 7: Loosen right hand rake stop and move it as far forward as possible. Position machine at 135 degrees and set clearance between rake sweep hook and block to 1/16"…or less if you like. Use your left hand rake stop bracket to obtain this clearance. Tighten left hand rake stop bracket. Using the right hand stop bracket, push the bracket and the rake support arm rearward until the left support arm just starts to lose contact with the left stop bracket. Both sides should feel the same when pushed toward the rear. Tighten right hand bracket.

        Step 8: Loosen jam nut on shock absorber plunger and turn fixed stop counter-clockwise until rake trip latch WON'T latch. (You will have to trip it back to see if it won't latch.) When you reach that point where the trip latch won't latch, start turning the fixed stop clockwise until the latch just falls back into place. Turn fixed stop 1/2 turn more clockwise and lock jam nut into place. This will create a 1/32" gap (actually, slightly less) at the latch.

        Step 9: Position rake board between the 2,3 and the 4,5,6 spots on the rearward sweeping motion of the rake. Measure and record the height of the rake board. Continue to cycle pinsetter until the rake board is 1" behind the #1 pin spot on the forward motion of the rake. Measure and record the rake board height. Release the rake sweep hook and allow the rake to come forward. This will release the pressure off of the rake lift cam. Take the two measurements and find the amount of the difference between them. Divide the difference in half. If your first measurement is higher than your second measurement, add the divided difference to the second measurement and record it. Record this number as your "desired height". Loosen the six bolts holding the rake lift cam in place on the 1:1. Rotate the cam clockwise ever so slightly and tighten the bolts. Move rake rearward and latch back onto block so rake board is again 1" behind the #1 deck spot. Check to see if your rake height is at the "desired height" you wrote down before. If not, continue adjusting cam until you obtain that height. If you did this properly, you should be able to return to the spot between the 2,3 and the 4,5,6 spots on the rearward motion of the rake and obtain the exact same measurement. (If your second measurement was larger than the first, reverse the procedure by subtracting the divided difference from the measurement to obtain the "desired height". Then rotate the cam counter-clockwise to get the desired height.)

        Step 10: With rake at either position mentioned above (1 inch behind #1 deck spot on forward motion of rake or between the 2,3 and the 4,5,6 spots on the rearward motion) set rake board height to 1/4 of an inch by adjusting the rake lift rod from "V" lever to sweep arm. This clearance can be set to your preference, but I have found that 1/4 of an inch is a reliable height.

        By following these adjustments step by step, not skipping ANY of them, your rake will sweep near perfect. If you skip any adjustment or do them out of order, you will not obtain the desired effect. In other’re on your own. If you have any questions, feel free to call me...480-620-6758
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          Re: Rake adjustment

          Steve can you put this in the Brunswick Technical Reference section? sorry for posting wrong link but glad you posted on this.
          Thank You All! For All the prayers and and the out pouring of good spirits in my time of need greatly appreciated!


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            Re: Rake adjustment

            It really wasn't the wrong link was just an article I wrote. many have used the article to adjust their has a lot of good info in it about rakes and what to look for when adjusting the rake. Maybe they should be put together?

            ...and by the way...congrats on your 300!!!
            TSM & TSM Training Development
            Main Event Entertainment
            480-620-6758 for help or information


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              Re: Rake adjustment

              Good Idea and thank you Steve good luck Logan
              Thank You All! For All the prayers and and the out pouring of good spirits in my time of need greatly appreciated!


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                Re: Rake adjustment

                Steve...your rake adjustments would be WAY COOLER with pics.......just sayin......


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                  Re: Rake adjustment

                  Here is a balance cam pic



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                    i having some trouble with a rake adjustment if anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.
                    im trying to go through steve staffords adjustments but when i get to step 5 my measurement is 2+ inches.
                    when i adjust it to 1/4 inch i cant get the rake sweep latch to catch with any adjustment ive tried.
                    when i adjust the rake sweep arm to 2+ inches off the cross bar bracket the latch catches but seems to let go early allowing the arm to crash into the stops.
                    i initially adjusted the pit cushion lift rods to the correct length, along with the vertical rods, then moved the rake stops to match every lane in the alley(they were set pretty far back)
                    and now everything is very messed up. ive ran through the adjustments for days trying everything the book offers and havent had any luck.
                    has anyone ever seen this?

                    the picture is where i have been taking the measurement that's supposed to be 1/4 inch from. every other lane in the center is 1/4 - 1/2 inch from these points. Capture.PNG
                    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                    This gallery has 1 photos.


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                      The 1/4" measurement between the rake arm and the cross brace is the weak point of the adjustment.
                      Rake arms are commonly bent by ball impact, and, rewelded arms are rarely parallel. This, of course alters the final dimension of where the rake board will be in relation to the tailplank at 180.
                      I use Steve's adjustment but, I use the 1/4" dimension as a guide only. On machines that are 60+ years old it's a custom adjustment per machine.
                      Whenever I visit another centre, I always look along the line of rake boards at zero. If you can see them all lined up, you know the head tech knows his ****.
                      Good luck.


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                        that's kind of what I was thinking about the rake position. my real concern is how the rake sweep hood grabs the rake at the correct position but lets the rake go 2-3" early. seems like the detector is out of time? do you know if there's an adjustment for this? or will i have to replace the detector?



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                          The detector is not out of time. Sounds like the sweep hook is raising early. How much free play is in the flat link that connects to the sweep hook.
                          Check the length of the shotgun and then check the hook selector follower.


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