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  • Rake Spring Tube

    Does anyone know when and why Brunswick discontinued the dual spring tubes?

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    Re: Rake Spring Tube

    i think the dual spring tubes were on the A machines or jetbacks, the A2 machines didn't have them.i'm no expert but that's what i think!i have only worked on A2 machines so correct me if i'm wrong! laze


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      Re: Rake Spring Tube

      Probably the Brunswick engineers on the project could tell you why if they are still available. My assumption is that pricing had something to do with it. One tube and spring is less expensive than two. In manufacturing you are always looking at the cost factor without hindering the operation of the equipment. I do know from experience that the spring in later model pinsetters had a tendency to fail more often than the earlier pinsetters. We did find that the newer spring was longer and of course had more tension which was necessary when replacing the 2 unit system. The newer style spring also held more pressure on the rake during the sweep cycles. Sorry not to answer your question on WHY.

      Note: Pinsetters Serial No's under 15,000 or so had dual springs.

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        Re: Rake Spring Tube

        The "why" was explained to me at pinsetter school by Don Baines. They realized that the tension provided on the right side was causing the rake sweep shafts to develop a twist. They found it was better to have only one on the left side but they had to increase the spring strength. So the single version of the setup had a stronger spring. As to when...I didn't ask him. The parts book says for machines serial number 18489 and below...remove the right side tube and replace the spring in the left side. I would ass/u/me that means that is the serial number they stopped at. What do you think?

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          Re: Rake Spring Tube

          Sounds good to me guys. Me and the head mech were wondering. I've just seen this style in books. And the eyelet for the other tube in the rake arm in the other side. The pinsetters I first started with were No. 19000 something and they never had them as far as I know. Thanks for your input Ill tell the boss tomorrow.


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