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Minor triggering issue


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  • Minor triggering issue

    Ok, well I got one lane that the solenoid doesn't seem to pull in quite like it should. It pretty much makes a buzzing sound as it's trying to pull the plunger inward. Most of the time it will pull in, but just seems weak compared to the others.

    I DID replace the time delay module, and also the solenoid. Still getting the same results. I took a voltage reading, and I get 208 at the solenoid with the reset button in the rear depressed.

    I'm thinking I might hard wire the solenoid to eliminate the recepticle and plug end.

    Any ideas...
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    Would you judge the the clutch linkage as easy to trigger by hand? Do you have the solenoid adjusted correctly? If the solenoid is too high there won't be enough of the plunger inside to be pulled by its magnetic field.
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      Check the roller on the end of the clutch reset lever. It must roll freely so the clutch latch can pivot easily.

      Check the 180 interlock link adjustment. If it is too tight when the deck is full, you can have trouble pulling the clutch latch out from under that roller.

      Be sure the clutch release lever is not being pushed down against the 4:1 housing. Although not a common issue, this can occur with an improper clutch latch.

      Does the starter bell crank rotate freely? Check this at 180 degrees.

      Cycle pinsetter to 95 degrees second ball. Try to operate the starter bell crank. Does it move? How much does it move. This will tell you if you are getting as much of the plunger into the solenoid as you possibly can without causing any binds. It should move about 1/16 inch... definitely no less as this could cause a bind.

      Check the alignment of the plunger to link it is pulling...are they forming a straight line when the solenoid is energized. If not...this can cause the issue.

      I would assume the cover on the solenoid is not interfering with the movement of the you have replaced the plunger. Double check though. Do you have all the hardware in the cover? Many times I have found the bottom bolt missing from the cover due to its inaccessibility. Just a thought...

      Let us know what you find.
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        I would also check the spring on the starter bellcrank and that on the plunger lever. If either or both were replaced recently with a tighter/stronger spring, this will make it harder for the bellcrank to turn as it places excess drag on the clutch release latch to come out from under the roller of the reset lever.
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          If the machine is a converted A-2, the solenoid bracket sometimes bends if it gets knocked into or used as a handle. Just something to add to what the boys above posted.


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            What I found was the shoulder bolt was missing the roller inside of the spacer. So basically the spacer was just sliding up and down, and not rolling causing undo resistance within the clutch latch. Looked like it was like that for a while, but problems only cropped within the last few days. Anyway thanks for the ideas.
            My father told me to never get old...I should have listened!


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