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Moving Deck Bind?


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  • Moving Deck Bind?

    On an A-2 what would or could cause the moving deck to shift forward about a 1/2 more after the turret has dropped the pins in the chutes and the deck starts to move down to set pins causing a pin or two to get caught in the chutes causing a blackout? I've checked the cables for binding,blew out the deck with air to remove foreign objects. the deck doesn't to seem to be binding. It acts like a chute is hitting on the turret and not letting it shift all the way forward. I would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance Greg

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    Possible twist in 1:1 shaft.
    Advance the GB timing until it stops. See adjustment #9 page 3-13/14 in manual.
    Put a note on the rear guard noting that timing is advanced so nobody adjusts it back.


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      sounds like one of two things maybe both a little check to see if your gear box is stoping on time and not stoping to soon as when it starts to cycle it will cause the deck to shift forwards a bit .the other thing would be to check the cable adjustment but that could be more of a pins falling on respot from scissors good luck
      keep it simple


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        Check your deck chute and spotting finger bolts. One of them may be broken, causing the bolt to drop, which will cause the deck to bind when it shifts.


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          Either your gear box is stopping slightly before 0 degrees, or you have a 1:1 with play in the moving deck scissor cam that needs to be advanced a little past 0 degrees to ensure that the deck is shift all the way forward and the right blocking finger is all they way up at the end of the cycle. Pay attention to gear box adjustments 7, 8, and 9. If your 1:1 has play, basically adjustment 9 should be changed a bit. you will want to adjust your clutch lever up a bit more so that your sweep link is a little higher than the book shows. Slowly adjust the lever higher and higher in small increments until your deck is shift all the way forwards and the blocking finger is raised all the way at the end of the pinsetters cycle....if you raise the clutch lever too much the pinsetter will continuosly cycle.


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            Advancing the timing just a liitle bit and it stopped doing it. I didn't think that the timing was so critical. Thanks for the help . I really appreciate it greatly Greg


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              cool, what was you issue? is it stopping before zero, or did you need to advance it a little past zero to get the the deck shift all the way forward by the end of cycle?


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                Gear-box is stoppling before O than advancing to O as deck start deck will shaft forward 1/2" or so


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                  Originally posted by wepauls View Post

                  Gear-box is stoppling before O than advancing to O as deck start deck will shaft forward 1/2" or so
                  That would be true for a pinsetter with a good 1:1. I was just enquiring as to whether his problem stemmed from the clutch being out of adjustment (thus needing to be advanced to zero as you mentioned), or because he had a 1:1 with a bad key/ shaft keyway/ cam keyway and he needed to advance the clutch adjustment so it was stopping slightly past 0 degrees. Just wanted to bring his attention to the possible bad 1:1 so that he has it in mind for future repair depending on how bad it is if the situation does exist


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                    We just had a problem like that. The deck would not return to the forward position (about a inch off). I adjusted the cables, no luck. I decided to change the upper and lower moving deck cables. Upper measured 3/4 of an inch longer.


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