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  • Spotting Fingers

    I have a lane that just started breaking spotting fingers like crazy the last 2 days. Could this be from my moving deck cable being stretched? 5 fingers on 4 different pins.

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    Are you having excessive deck jams on that lane ?

    What signs do you have of a stretched cable ?



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      Is there something wrong with your deck jam switch? Combination of bad jam switch with the occurrence of deck jams can do this....Don't think a streatched cable can cause this. That does seem like a way over excessive number of broken spotting fingers on a single lane. Has something been done to this lane that may be causing pins to hang up in the chutes? (changed deck chutes, etc). Lucky that you havn't had a moving deck break yet at the mounting holes for the finger, this needs to be figures out or else that is what you might end up with


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        Nothing has been changed on this lane lately except a turret wire. These were refurbished pinsetters that were installed 8 months ago. I know that all the new belts were stretching after about 1-2 months. I know the cables stretch a little. It doesn't deck jam a lot. Probably once every 3-5 days. Not from a blocking finger. A couple of buckets are getting little flat spots and the pin bounces as it goes in.


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          Is the pinsetter shutting off when you get a deck jam?

          It may not seem like a lot but once every 3-5 days is a lot. Is it happening in the chutes that you have broken fingers on? Work on fixing the deckjams and the broken spotting finger issue should go away......I think the only way to break a spoting finger is if there is a deckjam...Or if a mounting bolt for the spotting finger falls out, the finger turns and gets jammed between the moving and stationary deck. maybe make sure that all of your bolts for the spotting fingers are tight.


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            Is it one side of the moving deck breaking fingers or random fingers? Might have to check turret wire installation to be sure turret holding pin properly or pin falling out, double filling bucket causing deck jams.
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              Are they steel or plastic fingers?
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                If it was only one spotting finger breaking, I would chalk it up to metal fatigue. But, for multiple fingers breaking, I would check the moving deck and how smoothly or erratically it moves. If it moves smoothly, I would check the deck chutes ("buckets") for strange wear marks, or anything that could impede the movement of the pin through the bucket. Do the pins transfer from the deck to the lane smoothly?

                Going from there, I would check the pin gate for allowing more than one pin at a time to drop into the turret. I would, also, check the turret for proper operation. Does it index smoothly, or does it hesitate? Next, check the spoons. Are they solidly mounted tot he ring, or do they move? Check for missing or loose screws.

                Just because a pinsetter has be recently rebuilt doesn't mean that it's perfect. I have seen factory built A-2s that had plenty of mistakes.


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                  Are you running A-2 pulleys on your pinsetter motors?
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