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Trying to fix respot problems


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  • Trying to fix respot problems

    Right now re-spots are our #1 machine call. We have new pins this year and spray the pin deck with 1/2 bleach 1/2 water. Is there anything i can look at other than the scissors and deck pad (All worn deck pads were replaced last summer, they are in very good condition.) Here are our re-spots for the past two weeks:

    1 None
    2 None
    3 None
    4 4,7,8 & 7
    5 8 & 4
    6 9 & 5,9 & 9
    7 5
    8 None
    9 4 & 4,7
    10 7 & 10
    11 5
    12 7
    13 10 & 4,7 & 10
    14 10
    15 7 & 5 & 2 & 7 & 4,9
    16 None
    17 7
    18 6
    19 None
    20 None

    Thanks in advance for the help!!

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    Do you find the pinsetter on second ball with pins laying on the pin deck or on first ball with ten pins standing? If you find one on first ball you have the possibility of detector rod, pinsetter not stopping at zero degrees second ball, and "defective bowler." The bowler who pushes a reset button when he shouldn't.


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      I would say most of the time the machine is on first ball. I will start tracking that....

      The not stopping at zero on second ball=gearbox clutch adjustment?


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        Seniors have a tendency to push reset if they don't get ball back fast enough.
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          Originally posted by PJ View Post
          Seniors have a tendency to push reset if they don't get ball back fast enough.
          Totally agree with that statement. Some even call it the "ball return" button in here.

          Also check you OOR system ( the original or the automatic kits) to see if they function correctly.

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            Lanes 4,9 may be the detector rod adjustment 6 and 13 the deck may not be level front to rear or the stabilizer bearings could be wearing out allowing the deck to pivot while sitting on the back pins.
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