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  • rake sweep hook

    yesterday during leagues all day rake sweep hook would not engage on first ball maybe 10 times or so per league last night during leagues worked fine today during morning leagues would not engage some of the times roller bearing on hook selector seems fine it looks like maybe a bind somewhere
    i have the oor latch lifted up can i get some suggestions what to do now thanks they are brunswick a-2

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    Was ondering if the rake arm assembly on this machine has been replaced with a Quality rake assembly. A while back they had a problem with the bronze bearings installed in these rake arms. On my macines, they bearing wore out prematurely. The rake arm would ride up, and a weldment on the arm would rub on the rake shoe lever assembly. (part # 12-250265, page # 60 in my parts book) ,sometimes preventing it from turning freely, but not always. If that is not the problem, I would check the cam follower bearing on the hook selector, part # 12-100410. Sometimes only a portion of the bearing is gone. You need to make sure the WHOLE bearing is there. Usually this causes the rake hook to engage when it is not suppose to. If someone adjusted it, when a broken area was against the cam, that would cause the problem you describe.
    I got it ! I got it ! Oh damn


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      thanks for the input but i found out what it was it was the link and roll pins


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        I have noticed that the link and roll pin has caused a lot of greif on here lately! lol. When I get to the center today I am going to make sure I have some of those in stock!


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