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Squeek near the turrant


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  • Squeek near the turrant

    Good Afternoon,
    We're new to the industry and thorugh the purchase of a 8 lane facility in WY, I'm now learning everything i can about A-2 pinsetters. the machines need some TLC and I have some of the manuals along with reading everything I can online. I've completed the monthly/quarterly lubrication schedule and that changed the fequency of the squeek. It was a full time squeek that sounds like a back up alarm at first and then following the lubrication the squeek went to a every few cycles noise, mostly when the machine is idle, when waiting for a bowler. The frequency of the noise is irraditic at best, but drives me crazy. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your help,

    Badlands Lanes
    Mtn. View, WY

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    That is your turret clutch making the noise. It is usually a sign that the clutch facings are worn smooth and need replaced.


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      sweet.... thanks I'll head in that direction


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        A worn glazed over short turret belt can cause a high pitch noise.


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          sometimes the long turret or short turret belts are glazed or flat spotted, but i do agree that the friction disc pads are worn. as long as your pulling out the clutch it doesnt take much to relplace the short belt


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            thanks for the hint on the belts, I don't think I'll get lucky with just dressing the belts, it'll be a clutch repair.


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              Replace the lower turret clutch pulley and put on new short belt. Use the split pulleys. Alot cheaper, and when they wear most of the time they won't sqeal as bad as the solid pulley.The clutch will give off 2 kinds of noises. High screaching sound is usually the clutch facings and sqealing is the lower pulley.


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                A squealing short turret indexing belt can be cleaned with Liquid Ivory hand soap. Moisten a shop towel and rub it into the belt. Use a clean dry rag to wipe dry.

                What is actually making the noise is the lower turret clutch pulley vibrating at a high pitch. Cleaning the short belt makes the squealing go away.


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                  There is an easy way to know what is causing the squeal. If the squeal goes away every time it indexes and then comes back while not indexing, it is the belt/pulley combination. If it continues to squeal while it is indexing but stops squealing just after the pins drop from the turret and then returns shortly after the turret indexes past the 5...then it is the clutch facings.
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