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nagging little problem - odd 8 or 9 pin only no second ball cycle


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  • nagging little problem - odd 8 or 9 pin only no second ball cycle

    OK here is the problem:

    bowler throws first ball and knocks down all but either the 8 or the 9 pin, but only one or the other not both. machine cycles normally but fails to go into the second ball cycle. If the bowler misses it on the second ball, the pinsetter just keeps resetting the single pin. Pads and backing plates are good.

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    CHECK stabilizer bars [ ? bad bearrings ]

    DECK holding hook adjustment is in order hear set to hi


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      You stated that the machine will not go into second ball. Do you mean the first ball light is lit or is the second ball light lit but the deck does not stay up when the cycle begins?
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        Originally posted by Steve Stafford (JBEES) View Post
        You stated that the machine will not go into second ball. Do you mean the first ball light is lit or is the second ball light lit but the deck does not stay up when the cycle begins?
        Everything functions like it is in second ball - scissors close and pick pin up, sweeps and resets the pin, but fails to go in to second ball cycle, and every time the pin is missed for the second ball shot, the pinsetter repeats this event. In other words, it never goes in to second ball cycle. It only does this on the 8 or 9 pin and only if it is a single pin and not both. the second ball light never comes on. I checked the deck level and it appears very close to 15/16 all the way around. I'm gonna try swapping the stabilizers next, as per wepauls suggestion.
        I DID UM THE SAME!!


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          Are you missing spring on strike sector and controller?


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            Remember the detector makes a detection at 270 respotting pins. It's strange that it does not misdetect at 90. Did you check all of your detections at 90? Make sure the deck is full. It sounds like the deck is at a lower position when it is only the 8 or 9 left. Your deck could be slightly bowed across the back or could be cracked. Is your eccentric adjusted properly? If it is bowed or cracked I believe Brunswick sells a deck straightener kit. Does your deck shift smoothly (take the cables off and shift it manually)? If it is rough that could be a sign of a bowed deck. Let us know what you find.
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              Just a thought, had a machine where when it detected the 1 pin only, picked it up but stayed on 1st ball. Had to knock pin over so it would set 10 new pins. 8 or 9 pin deck tippin forward maybe shorten detector rod half turn. I lenthen the rod for that 1 pin problem. Hope it makes sense.


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                I'm thinking the same as Popeye. It may be that the detector rod adjustment is only JUST within tolerance which is allowing only the strike controller to properly detect. Theory says this shouldn't happen, but you never know.

                Adjusting the rod upwards about 1/16" may help. If you find yourself miss detecting at 90 after adjusting the rod you may want to verify your eccentric adjustment to make sure you have the correct difference between the strike height and standing pins height.

                Deck pad wear won't help, and as Wepauls suggested, neither will worn stabilizers.
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                  One more track is to at detector rods top loosen jam nut turn out 1/2 turn
                  be sher to check your stop pins are not bent alignment is a must thar


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                    Thanks guys . thats what I meant.


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