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    Hello BT

    I recently saw a commercial for a product name FLEXSEAL. This product is pretty much "liquid rubber in a can". Has anyone thought about using it as a kicker material. Spraying maybe 2 ft long secions at a time. I think it would be neat if it works because kickers add height and can make you have to adjust your pit or elevator frame so you don't get balls getting stuck under the lift rods. Being a spray and putting small coating on the ball wheel would give it the traction. Although i have never tried anthing like this, has anyone else tried this or something similar? Thoughts?

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    Read the reviews, its a scam, the 19.95 price winds up being 38.00. Most of the reviews state its sucess problamatic
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      I have experimented with something very similar.....I have tried brushing a product called plasti-dip onto the ball wheel. It is a liquid plastic that you can dit tool handles in to give them a rubber grip coating. It did not last long, maybe a couple of days.
      Whatever you are thinking of using, it has to (a) adhere very strongly to the metal ball wheel, and (b) not wear away very easily.....Give your product a try and see if it fairs any better. As long as it won't cost too much to experiment, give it a shot and let us know how it goes.


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        I believe the Flexseal is just like spray-on bed liners.
        If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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          Thanks for the replies. Lol i just wanted to see if anyone had tried it. Not really looking to shell out the 19.99 for the can but was intrigued by the possibilities.


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            It's great to experiment with different products; however, I'm sort of "old school," meaning the tried and true method. And, remember too, that these machines were developed when the lightest ball was 10 pounds, while the heaviest was 16 pounds; and the balls were made of a rubberized composition.

            Lanes and lane oils were different back then. High scores were difficult to come by. Returning the ball to the bowler was relatively easy. Today, everything is based on speed and efficiency. One of the ideas was to put strips of carpet on the ball wheels. This was OK when the carpet was new; however, get a few games on it, and the carpet started to shred. Carpet strands would wrap around guide rollers, causing them to burn out bearings, and virtually destroy everything in its path.

            The best idea (so far) is a rubberized cork material (automotive gasket material) found at most automotive supply stores. This is either peel and stick type, or it can be glued on with contact cement. It's versatile and long wearing; and does a great job of getting the ball back to the bowler. But, and remember too, that there's going to be a ball that refuses to return no matter what you do.

            With that being said, make certain that everything associated with getting the ball out of the pit and back to the bowler is as clean and well adjusted as it can be. Make certain that the lift rods put the ball wheel dead center; and the lift rods are as straight as possible without visible distortions. Make certain that the clapper blocks and spring rods are properly adjusted. Make certain that the ball wheel is sitting on the lower guide rollers equally; and the upper guide rollers keep the ball wheel centered, and it doesn't wobble. Make certain that SBEs (if used) are properly adjusted, and don't kick the ball out of the pick up area, of force the ball into the lift rods at an angle. Once all of that has been accomplished, add kicker material.

            If I didn't have a ball exit the pit and enter the accelerators within 2 to 3 seconds, I had a problem; and would back track to find the cause of the delay. I have also learned that helper springs cause as many problems as they cure. Once you learn the "secrets" of good machine operations, everything else comes easy.


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              Let me just add something to Tom's information...which by the way is great information...well done Tom.

              If you do everything you can think of to get a ball to return on a lane and you are about to think that the ball has an issue...throw the ball in another lane and see if that lane will pick it up. If it does, ask yourself...why does it work in that lane and not the one you are working on? Might help you press harder to find the issue.

              Just a thought...
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