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  • Indexing turret

    Came in and the pin chaser was having issues with the turret not stopping. No problem the pin gate latch was worn, that fixed. Now the turret self indexes on the 9 pin. I note the time delay gear turning only when the 9 pin is in position. Manual says to change the short turret belt. Still does it. Any ideas would be great.

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    Double index after the 5 pin. Check your torsion latch. Make sure its blocking out the time delay gear under the gear. Small square block underneth time delay gear. Torsion latch is suppose to butt up against it. Gear only suppose to turn for indexing 5 pin. The bumper that the torsion latch sits against might have turned. Or your block on gear is worn out. Put deck down 270 pull power cord and look under turret and shine flashlight under gear and look at where torsion is blocking on gear.


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      One of these guys can post a picture for you if you don't know what to look for.


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        Under the 9 pin Thar's a prob to trigger delay gear
        Over time it can work it salf to close latch
        look at the rubber bumper for a flat spot turn bumper thar and check
        out of adjustment !
        CHECK tham OUT


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          Could be that the oillite bearing for the time delay gear is in need of a little oil,does the time delay gear seem a little slower than normal allowing for a double index? Try the torsion latch at a different pin position and see if it indexes twice. If it does you can oil through the upper clutch pulley there is a oil "dimple" for just that reason,just a little bit is good,too much makes a mess.
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            Like they said above. Flip the torsion latch on every pin and see if it indexes twice on any of them. If it does that means you have either a worn latch, or a worn block on the gear. If you watch the torsion latch very carefully when the time delay comes to a stop, you should not see any bit of movement 'outwards' coming from it. If there is no double index on any other pin but the 9 spot, I would check and make sure all your turret cam bolts are nice and tight underneath there. Some other possibilities is gookey stuff forming in the dwell of the cam, the pins on the side of your horse shoe are not as tight as they could be. But, those are some very rare occurrences, as you'd be having a lot more trouble if those were loose.


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              Rotated the rubber stop there was a groove. Checked the latch and gear both square not rounded. Used the torsion latch on all pins single index only,,except 5 pin. Speed of the gear appears to be the same as on other machines. Cam bolts are tight put a wrench on them to make sure. Changed the short belt again. The long belt is 3 months old. Anyone know a good witch doctor to get rid of evil spirits?


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                Originally posted by Newbie101 View Post
                Anyone know a good witch doctor to get rid of evil spirits?
                Good luck with that one. Been dealing with them in 2 different houses for over 10 years. Nasty little devils
                You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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                  Problem solved. Had a mechanic from another house take a look. Found the interlock probe bent up and the bolt and sleeve badly worn. Interlock bent back down new sleeve and bolt. The league is on it so far 30 minutes and no evil spirits(so far) I know as soon as I hit enter to post this all heck will break loose.


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                    When I was training to be a mechanic, my boss would, on occasion when he left tell me to "Keep the joint runnin'".
                    Never had so many problems as the times that he would tell me that. We now call it "The Mechanics Curse".

                    Same idea: The machines run fine while you are watching them, but turn your back for a couple of seconds and it will inevitably mess up.
                    You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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                      Four eyes are better than two


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                        I say we make huge posters of us and hanging them behind pinsetters


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