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Cycle Solenoids.


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  • Cycle Solenoids.

    I have 110v cycle solenoids. I was wondering what the ohm reading should be for these. Also, I have a bunch of 220v solenoids in a drawer that I am not sure if they are good, what should the ohms be on 220v as well. I have Universal Voltage machines that have 208v coming from the drop cord. What mods would have to be done in the electrical box to use the 220v solenoids.


    Dan III

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    Not sure what the reading is supposed to be for a 110V, but I know it is 100 ohms +/- 10% for the 220V solenoids


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      It can be done. Just had Brentman1 down for a visit and he switched a wire or two on the high side strip to make it work. I have 230v machines actually running off 255v. I wrote down the process as it was relatively simple but am reluctant to post it without having done it myself. Maybe Brentman will chime in???
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        You only have to switch 1 wire on TS-1 to switch voltage to solenoid, but on the Universal boxes i am not sure and don't have a diagram on them. I think there was a post on this in the last couple months. The one i switched for Mudman was an older machine that had had a mini-kit installed, and would not apply to yours.
        Brent V
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          The universal electrical system was wired so that the motor and solenoid would use the incoming voltage...they would be changed to accommodate whatever voltage was being used. If you are running 208 volts on an electrical system that was originally designed for 115 volts, you will need to track the wires that supply voltage to the solenoid. These are wires 58 and 11. 58 would have gone to RL3-3 while 11 would have gone to RL3-4. One of them would have been moved from the original setup. Bottom want them to go back to those two locations if they are not there now to run 208 volts to your solenoid.

          Let us know what you find...
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            I will track it down when I get in today. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.


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