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Actuator assembly


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  • Actuator assembly

    Last night in league one of the lanes started sweeping all pins after first ball. Turns out the shaft that the acuator assembly turns on came out of the gear box. The bolt was snapped. Could not tap out. so epoxy'd it in. what is the correct thing thing to do when you can't get the bolt out.
    j.c. I would rather be dead right, Than dead wrong.

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    Read through this recent is about removing the shaft in order to get the bolt out.... you don't have the issue of needing to remove the shaft, but you will find info in here that will help you with removing the broken bolt. Steve has a good tip about using the shaft ID as a guide to put a dimple in the center of the broken bolt, to help with the drilling and extraction of the bolt.


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      getting the shaft out was not the problem as it came out on it's own. Appearently some one at some time had tried to tap out and must be a easy out broke because it would not drill. Used new bits. was like trying to drill into diamonds. So i epoxy'd the shaft in and threaded the outside end of the shaft and used a bolt and washer. Seems to work at least for now.
      j.c. I would rather be dead right, Than dead wrong.


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        the only problem you might find is that that is may be a reoccuring problem for that shaft to keep on working its way out over time. The epoxy will probably fail over time. I have some GB that have been threaded on the inside with a larger bolt like you have done. what was also done was a hole was drilled and tapped through the top of the aluminum housing into the shaft and a bolt was put through to lock the shaft in place.


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