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    Does anyone have a trick/easy method to replace a lower scissor cable?

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    Yup. Here's what to do.
    1. set up a pin out of range.
    2. run the pinsetter until it detects the OOR and the scissors close. This removes most of the tension applied by the scissor spring.
    3. let the deck come about half-way up.
    5. remove the right end (10 pin side) of the scissor spring. Swing it out of the way. It will still be attached to the bell crank.
    6. use care when removing the cable pin from the bell crank.
    7. install new cable, again using care when replacing the cable pin.
    8. reinstall spring and climb out of pinsetter.
    9. remove safety (LOTO) devices and power up machine.
    10. allow pinsetter to complete its OOR cycle, returning to zero.
    11. LOTO again.
    12. adjust scissor cable. When first scissor set touches its stops, adjustment is made. Tighten all adjusting jam nuts.
    13. remove LOTO devices.
    14. power pinsetter and run through several cycles to make sure scissors are operating properly.
    15. When machine operates as it should, return to service.


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      Set an out of range pin. pull the hook and shut the machine off just before it gets to the top. Make sure it is not on the deck holding hook. LOTO. (lock out tag out) At least shut off breaker and unplug cord. Remove the curtain. Take a pair of vice grips into the pit. There is a belcrank arm that the spring attaches to and the scissors cable attaches to it also. Clamp the vice grips to the scissors deck so the belcrank wont rotate when you take the large spring on the back of the deck off. Climb on the carpet and put your left foot high up on the 10 pin kickback wall. Brace yourself and with both hands grab the spring and push it off the belcrank. The cable should now be without pressure and you can now take it off.
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