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deck jam at zero degrees ???


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  • deck jam at zero degrees ???

    I have a machine that functions perfectly except that when the deck comes all the way up and goes to shift forward it blacks out ....there is about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap between the conrtol cable "button" and the micro switch. I dont see anything binding up the deck . the control cable broke in the middle of league a few days ago so I just slapped another one in and it functioned fine until last night .... if I put the deck down to 270 I can pull on the deck cables and the deck will slide but kind of gets stuck all the way forward....with the deck all the way up I cant pull on the cables to move the deck at all....any help suggestions would be great thanks !!!

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    Physically feel and look at the bolts/screws securing the chutes and spotting fingers. There might be one that is causing a binding with the motion of the deck. While under the turret frame, make sure the turtle shell isn't hanging down or rubbing the 8/9 chutes as it comes up....of the 5 chute contacting the indexing cam for that matter.


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      make sure the control cable is the correct length and also check if pin or spring are binding in the tube bring deck to 270 take geneva plates off and see if deck moves freely also maybe look at moving deck follower to make sure it moves freely
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        I also have this problem. The machine out of the blue will stop at zero degrees, started this morning. I have been all over it and can't fine a thing wrong. I checked for anything binding the moving deck and it moves just fine cables are also fine. Did the moving deck scissor latch adjustment and it seems to be fine also. Any body have any ideas!!


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          look for a bolt dropping down from one of the spotting fingers causing a bind, or a bad scissor which has come apart or has an arm bent up and causing a bind.


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            Hey Loadtoad,
            Never heard it called a turtle shell before.
            Always called it the helmut.
            will remember turtle shell from now on


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              jhova, Check the moving deck for cracks. Also check the wheels, may have a bad bearing. (I had one last year caused similar problem)


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                SET your deck down to 270 remove power now
                relece genvena plats deck can move back and fourth easely if not
                check all 50 bolts for the deck buckets
                any thing can be found at this pont


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                  Originally posted by garry_o View Post
                  Hey Loadtoad,
                  Never heard it called a turtle shell before.
                  Always called it the helmut.
                  will remember turtle shell from now on
                  Yeah, not quite sure why or where I got that term from, but it's always what I've called it. Funny about stuff like that.


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                    Originally posted by jhova View Post
                    there is about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap between the conrtol cable "button" and the micro switch.
                    This could be your problem there should be no gap between the pin on the jam tube and the micro switch.

                    The pin also needs to be centered with the button on the micro SW.
                    Check your deck jam micro switch ADJ. Page 3-52 in the service manual.
                    Go with what works and not what the book says.


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                      Found the problem, loose bolt on the 10 pin side chute. Just didn't see it the first time I looked. Thanks for the help.


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