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motor contactor problem


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  • motor contactor problem

    I have a pinsetter when it is turned on the motor starts real slow and finally gains the right speed. Got a call to cycle the machine, the pin light was on and the accelerator was running but motor was not on. I could push the contactor in and the motor would work. I flipped circuit breaker off and back on and it finally came on. I changed motor yesterday and it was working when i left but famous last words, just as league started everything came on but motor. They got it on but now conactor will not pull in. Motor start relay is pulled down and everything is on but motor unless you hold contactor in. Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks luther

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    Check the voltage at the coil of the motor contactor. Depending on what version contactor...your voltage could be 120, 208 or 230. Let us know what you find.

    If you get zero will need to know if you have a thermal overload in the circuit of the motor contactor coil. If so, you will need to see if the thermal is tripped. This will also depend on what type of thermal/contactor setup you have. Too many variables at this moment to be able to point you right to the issue.

    You could have a bad motor start relay even though it is "closing" as the contacts themselves may not be closing.
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      My night mechanic went back and checked contactor and motor start relay. He clean relay and contactor good. When i got in the next morning he had it going. Plan on replacing motorstart relay contact points look bad. Thanks Steve, I didn't think to check relay because it was closing.


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        I'd recommend going with the new cube relay and base kit from brunswick 12-862203.

        I've had to many issues like what your experiencing with the older style.

        Go with what works and not what the book says.


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          might want to check the price between the brunswick relay and the grainger relay and base.. I don't know what the cost is of the brunswick setup, but might be able to save a buck or two. If you decide to go to the cube relays.. make sure to use the same relays through out. ie, accelerator, ball lift.. instead of having 4 or 5 different relays.. you only have to have one... just a thought..


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            Believe it or not the Brunswick kit appears cheaper at $27.03

            And from grainger:
            over $30 And that does not include the mounting screws.

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            Go with what works and not what the book says.


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