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  • Machine tear down

    Going to be taking out 2 machine next week from a center that is closing down.

    Anyone have any advice on doing this to make it as easy[and safe] as possible?
    I don't have any type of crane or fork lift.

    Any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks Guys!!

    Go with what works and not what the book says.

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    I will try to remember this, I did 8 lanes this summer - and took a few short cuts.
    Set deck down on a cart (or something to relieve pressure off deck shaft
    (I cut the cables with a sawzall) removed rake board, and pit light assy.
    LOCK the spring tube with threaded rod, removed deck assembly out of way.
    Removed any connecting linkage from turret assembly then pulled turret assembly
    off machine.
    Removed spring tube assy, then removed rake assembly.
    Unbolt all switches from machine and removed electrical box assy.
    Removed deck lift shaft.
    The fun part, removed gearbox assy. (but 2 people can do it)
    Take out cushion assy, then pit frame assy.
    removed front cross braces, take out main cross platform (loosen all screws, removed rear
    ones and 3 of 4 front ones to let it swing down..
    removed side frames then, motor mount, the elevator assy, the kickbacks.
    Some of the stuff I didnt list such as cushion linkage, rake linkages, stuff you can
    remove at any time.
    Its really not a hard job to do if you are doing it for parts, reassembling the thing
    is another story. Basic hand tools needed, nothing special except the threaded rod.

    I am sure I missed something but its sort of a straight forward job
    disassemling this way (if you cant get a forklift to it, or like me, only had
    a single 36 inch door to fit things thru.

    Marty - Pro Bowl West
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      I don't take off the gearbox, unless the machines are in a location where I can't roll them out a double door. (63" or 64" wide)
      I block the decks with a 2 x 4 between the lift arms and frame as I raise it. Then you can lift them off the kickbacks without stressing any parts.
      You can get a fork lift to drive right down the lane (3-4k lbs) and lift them off the kickbacks, or use a long pallet jack or Brunswick pinsetter cart - where you'll have to build a pit extension for the wheels so the pin deck height extends into the pit by 18".
      There is an entire book for disassembly and crating them, way too much to post. But could be placed in the reference section of this site. I don't have one in .pdf to do it.
      This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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        I'm going fishing and camping!


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          Just uploaded the relocation manual to Brunswick reference forum. Waiting for moderator ok.
          I'm going fishing and camping!


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            Just took out 8 pinsetters a few months ago. Do as Marty described. A couple of furniture dolly's make all the difference. If you can remove the masking unit first you'll have a lot less headaches (ouch). A few containers for small parts and some plastic tie straps will help, along with a few strong backs. Have fun!!!!
            If it's broke it will work great.... until you stop watching it.


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              Originally posted by PJ View Post
              Just uploaded the relocation manual to Brunswick reference forum. Waiting for moderator ok.
              Sorry guys. Unable to put in Brunswick reference forum as it is copyright material.
              I'm going fishing and camping!


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                PJ could you email me a copy? [email protected]

                Go with what works and not what the book says.


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