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Pins hanging out on the Shaker Board


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  • Pins hanging out on the Shaker Board

    On a couple of my lanes the pins will sit on the shaker board just before the wheel elevator and hang out. Any suggestions for moving those to the pin elevator?

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    Check the condition of your pit board and carpet. Carpet could be worn from ball impact or bunched up in front of rear clamp. May also want to check ball wheel adjustment. Might not be riding on lower hub and tires.


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      1) check the carpet to make sure it has not bunched up at the rear clamping plate.
      2) make sure the edge of the shaker board is higher than the ball wheel.
      3) make sure all pit mounts are in good shape.

      These are easy to check and a good starting point.
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        Use good clean carpet covers...Or better yet install a Zip Carpet, and pins will flow effortlessly to the pinwheel.
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          I just changed out 8 carpets and put zip carpets on top... no more pin problems here.


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            This problem has been a thorn in my butt since the start of man What are Zip Carpets? How much are they and where where can I get them?


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              Be sure to check all the things smurtland metioned....putting a zip carpet on a lane that has some of these issues will not solve the problem, or they can reoccur over time.

              I do like the zip carpets though. They help increase the life of your pit rug and they do speed up pin transfer very well. You can get them here:



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                How is your lower pit frame? Is it 13 1/2 inches below the pin deck on the lower frame?
                Is it level or one washer down toward the rear? That may help with your transfer issue
                Uh Oh


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                  Raise the front of your pit as high as you can get...without exceeding USBC specs...which is 4 3/4" from the top of the board to the top of the pin deck. This is normally measured in the middle of the lane (between the 7 and 8 spots) but you should not be any closer anywhere along the entire width of the pin deck. Lower the back to the specs you prefer to follow. There are a couple of different ideas on this adjustment. i like to be sure I have the pit as high as possible in the rear so long as the upper pit frame does not contact a bowling ball sitting on the ball wheel with the pit in its furthest rear position. (Use the pit belt to find that spot) Raise or lower the lower pit frame to obtain this dimension.

                  After that, follow instructions and suggestions mentioned above...Zip Carpets being one of your best bets.
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