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  • Having deck problems

    One of front desk people called a blackout, and when going to fix the problem, the pin deck light flickers and the machine starts to continue into 2nd ball. when the deck picked up the pins to sweep deadwood, the deck came crashing down onto the pindeck with the pins being held by the scissors still. Now the deck, when cycled, hits the pin deck when spotting the new pins and is very loose....need some help here. any opinions.?

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    If the deck assembly is making contact with the pin deck you could be missing the block for the adjusting screw on the end of the scotch yoke, or one or both of the deck lift shaft 'ears' could be cracked or broken.

    I don't see the relation to the pin light problem.
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      seems like you have a few diff, problems here. the pin light flickering could be the deck shifting at zero degreees with pins in the chutes,this is usually a gearbox clutch yoke adjustment.the overtravel into second ball is probably also a gearbox clutch problem.the deck not being held up at 180 could be a bad or misadjusted deck lift hookand or eccentric.Kanga,as always,was spot on with the scotch yoke.
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        Originally posted by Kanga View Post
        I don't see the relation to the pin light problem.
        I can. If it's as the OP mentioned, it's possible that a jam microswitch is a little too sensitive. When the deck came "crashing down," it could have bounced, causing the deck to vibrate just enough for the jam switch to open. Due to the nature of fluorescent lights, the instantly opening and closing of the jam microswitch would make the light flashing visible.

        Without seeing the machine in question, I, too, believe the deck issue could be due to a lift shaft problem.

        I understand that this might be rare; however, knowing the nature of these machines, anything is possible.


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          It could also be that the turret is being moved around as the machine raises the deck thereby actuating the turret jam micro switch just enough to make it flicker off and on. See it happen more often than not. Basically just too sensitive.
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            Originally posted by tza23 View Post
            the pin deck light flickers and the machine starts to continue into 2nd ball. when the deck picked up the pins to sweep deadwood,
            Since this really doesn't make sense and no one else has asked...I will. If it continues into 2nd can it pick up pins to sweep the deadwood as 2nd ball doesn't pick up pins?

            If the deck crashed down with pins in the scissors...could it have gotten caught on the deck holding hook and then fell off of it? As far as touching the pin will need to check each of the points that lift the deck. Does the entire deck touch or just one corner? Check the stabilizers if just one corner is touching. Check the deck lift shaft, bearings in the deck lift shaft...both at the frame and in the ears...check the scotch yoke end as Kanga mentioned, check the upper end of the scotch yoke (if you have them) or the lowering link.
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              I agree with Kanga and Steve but something else to check is when the deck came crashed down, the weight of the deck and unusual downward force could also bend the yoke/lowering link lift stud in the 2:1. This would also account for the deck contacting the pin deck on new rack. Look for this because if this is loose or bent, it could become very dangerous for someone attempting to crawl under the machine for any repairs. You may also want to check the deck shaft bearings. This can cause issues with the deck lift hook and holding hook from fully engaging the deck lift pin or holding hook pin.
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                Main bolt backed out of the deck lift shaft. Deck will be hanging cockeyed.
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                  Originally posted by Jack_Sparrow View Post
                  Main bolt backed out of the deck lift shaft. Deck will be hanging cockeyed.
                  Came in to work a couple weeks ago, about 10 minutes before leagues started, and found this exact problem on 42. The bolt had worked itself out, and snapped inside the shaft. Ended up replacing it, though I should still try and get the end of the bolt out of the shaft.


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