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Turret keeps spinning


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  • Turret keeps spinning

    Ok fellas, the trip lever keeps dipping and makes the turret keep spinning. I tried adjusting the lever but still does it. I've changed the short link, short belt, bellcrank and roller, nylon roller, pin gate pin made sure the screws were tight on the cam.oh and a new turret clutch and latch. I'm just at a loss now. Any other suggestions??

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    With the power off does the indexing latch come up over the bearing on the yoke? I have had to straighten out some short links before because the seemed too short. Another thing to check, if you changed out the indexing latch, I think you can mount that in there sort of 180 degrees off, changing its position on the turret frame. There also was some issues years ago with bad latches, they didnt have the correct radius on them (they were flat with no curve.

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      Should I try an adjustable short link?


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        Ok put adjustable link on. Not it stopped turning continuous. But now after it goes past the 5 spot it dips again and skips past the 9.


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          When you changed out the bellcrank make sure you didn't forget to put back in the small spacer that goes in between the bellcrank and the turret frame.
          If this spacer is missing the roller bearing on the bellcrank will ride to far to the outer edge of the time delay gear
          and cause a double index when the bearing contacts the stop block on the bottom of the time delay gear.

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            Sorry I meant to say I changed the turret indexing latch and ball bearing. Not the bellcrank. Sorry


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              Thats Ok!
              What short turret belt did you put on?

              Remember there are 2 lengths [I don't recall the part#'s off hand] if you put on the longer one this could be causing your issue.
              Go with what works and not what the book says.


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                  Originally posted by Knowledge_is_key View Post
                  I believe that is the shorter one.

                  Check your trip lever adjustment.
                  Make sure the roller bearing on the bellcrank is not riding against the bottom of the time delay gear.
                  you may need to move the rear stop for the trip lever forward a bit.
                  Go with what works and not what the book says.


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                    Will in index past the 5 without a pin waiting to load or were you indexing it once it stopped at the 5?
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                      It stops at the 5. I trip it myself goes to the 9 stops for a second then dips again triggering the index.


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                        If you trip the index lever at the five it will double index past to the ten, its the way its made. Your finger trips the lever and when it indexes the 9 pin probe trips the time delay gear.


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                          Originally posted by Roscoe View Post
                          If you trip the index lever at the five it will double index past to the ten, its the way its made. Your finger trips the lever and when it indexes the 9 pin probe trips the time delay gear.
                          So ur saying that since I'm tripping it, it should skip the 9 and go to the 10? A bit confused. Figured it'd just index to the next wire.


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                            When you index by hand at the 5, the turret begins to turn under normal indexing. As the turret begins to turn, the tripping arm strikes the torsion latch as if the spider was tripped. The torsion latch releases the time delay gear. The turret finishes indexing to the 9...then the time delay gear gets to the spot where it wants to index the turret as it would if the turret had just dropped pins. This causes the turret to index again which now indexes the turret to the 10...but the time delay gear would have been used to index to the 9. This is why it indexes the extra spot if you index it by hand. Hope that helps some...
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                              When it gets to the 5 pin, trip the torsion latch by hand. It should only index once.
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