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Upper Pit Conveyor Frame


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  • Upper Pit Conveyor Frame

    Looking through some old frames and I have 2 that the center tube is 2 to 3 inches shorter than the outer tubes. These are the tubes that the bolts go into to clamp the board tight. Didn't want to pull one out to check; is this normal or are they all supposed to be the same length.
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    Is there any way that is`broken off clean I have seen this before.
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      I have worked with about 10 centers and I have never seen one with the any of the supports shorter on purpose.
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        The center tube, by design, may look shorter due to the slight bend but all three tubes should meet the clamp evenly. If you have a shorter tube on one or more of your upper frames, then someone cut it or as Keeth said, it may have a clean break.
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          Thanks guys I put a straight edge across them and the center is definately shorter.
          It's better to remain silent and let people think you're stupid than to speak and remove all doubt


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            Stick your finger in there to see if the threaded part is still there,that should tell you. If this frame led a rough life before you saw it a loose front clamp bar can saw this off while making everyone else deaf
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