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  • power out

    hi. havent been on here in a while which may mean i am getting better at fixing these but theres always something that trips you up. have been having a problem the last few days with a machine blacking out. happened 3 times in the last 2 days. power always seems to cut out when the deck is down and theres a full set in the deck. i have checked the electrics box for any loose connections that might cause this but found nothing. the only thing i found was the moving deck cable was loose which i tightened in case it was causing problems with the microswitch at the back. the turret m/switch is ok so im at a bit of a loss here. only tonight it happened and as i got up onto the machine it came back on. any suggestions are most appreciated as always. thanks gary

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    Many ideas but first I would check the main power plug to the machine - if its a jap plug with the straight blades you could have a weak connection and the movement of the machine can cause it to go on and off.
    Loose plugs, flakey switches, bad connections on the fuse holders and on and on....

    Besides the one time you started to get in and it came back on, what did you do?

    Moving deck cable being a little loose could be a bucket bolt broken, something (bolts, tools) are between the two decks that once in a while is holding it from going forwards

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      You may have a faulty motor start relay.I had one where the mounting screw was too long and was screwed into the coil touching and grounding out


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        If its on first ball you may be stopping just short of 0 degrees so when the GB starts back up it finishes shifting and wedges the pins. Does not take much to get this restarted and if your right at the border that could cause it to be intermittent.
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          You should measure some voltages the next time it does this.

          Measure voltage from:

          TS2-6 to TS2-9
          TS2-5 to TS2-9
          TS2-3 to TS2-9
          TS2-2 to TS2-9
          Coil of the motor start relay

          Post results back here and we will point you in the right direction.
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            How about a busted bolt in the moving deck causing a bind, have you checked the moving deck micro switch when it happens?

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              check your fuses. Sometimes that 1 amp fuse will fool you into thinking that the cap is on good.. you might even want to swap the fuses with the machine next to it..


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                I would also check the mounting of the deck jam switch. If it is loose, it can and will move away from the pin in the cable spring tube. It will actually look good and appear to be activated when in reality may be slightly backed off keeping the machine off at certain intervals and/or pinsetter movements. Loosen the two small screws and press the rear of the switch toward the tube and tighten. Make sure the switch is separated from the mount with the appropriate spacers on the screws. If no spacers, this can keep the switch from being fully compressed.
                Also check and make sure the switch button is actually at the high point of the pin in the spring tube. I have seen times when the edge of the pin catches the button and doesn't slide under it. Thus the switch is not fully activated.
                This may not be the problem but definitely something to check.
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