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Gearbox 1to1 question


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  • Gearbox 1to1 question

    Lane 15 the 1to1 housing cracked at every post. Took it out yesterday using Roscoes instructions. When I took a 1to1 off my used gearbox I noticed the housing was a little different. It has a groove in it, maybe for an O-ring? Can I use this 1to1 and do I need an
    O-ring? Any help would be great.

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    yes it need s an o-ring, and you can use it.


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      Thank you Mech


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        I'm not sure you do. The 'O ring is, from what I know, a backup to preventing leakage. But if you can, you're better off installing it anyway.
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          If that is different you may also want to check that the MD/S cam is the same style as your present setup,link vs yoke lowering for the deck.
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            Originally posted by Kanga View Post
            I'm not sure you do. The 'O ring is, from what I know, a backup to preventing leakage. But if you can, you're better off installing it anyway.
            If you install the "O" ring, be sure to apply a light film of oil (not WD-40) to it. Otherwise, it could sustain damage during the reinstall.
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