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Short turret belt install - turret clutch question


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  • Short turret belt install - turret clutch question

    Ok, I know it's been a while since I had to deal with a turret clutch, but the mechanic is out for today, and I've got an issue with a league lane for tonight.

    I had a short turret belt break last night, all I am trying to do is install a new one on there, but the turret clutch slide plate pulled all the way back and slipped out of the front holders (don't know actual name). I released the tension spring, put the slide plate back into place, tried to install the short turret belt, but the slide plate then comes out of the back holders! I can't get both belts on it without it coming out one way or the other!

    I've changed these belts many times, mostly while they're needed for a league, before and have never had this issue. I was really thinking 5 minute fix here, but I've been scratching my head now for an hour! I'm stumped, any tips?

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    Normally you can release the tension on the long turret belt, slide the turret clutch all the way forward towards the turret( I have seen some slide off the front slides but in most instances they will not) Put the belt on the small pulley first and then over the side that has the protrusion that activates the long link first and you should be able to work it all the way around until it's fully on, then simply install the spring again for the long turret belt.

    On a side note you may want to check the torsion latch and the contact area on the time delay gear as when you change the belt it does affect the angle of the torsion latch on the time delay gear and could cause a issue if it was a marginal adjustment before.
    Call if you need help. I may not answer but I will return your call when I get back. 757-653-7230


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