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  • motor contactor

    I had someone tell me that there was a solid state motor contactor on the market and if so where can these be bought?
    This is on Brunswick machines.


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    Not necessarily a plug-in-play kind of swap. Depends on if you have a 2-pole Deltronics type contactor, or 3-pole Federal Pacific also.

    I use these, converted over when I rewired my boxes:

    This is a Magnecraft DPST-NO 30a Relay (Grainger Part #
    6CWY1 = $14.01ea. w/BPAA discount, or order from for $6.05 Part#:
    Got them on all 32 of my machines, oldest box is about 2 years old now, haven't had any problems with them.

    I had the Fed Pac's, however I did a complete rebuild of my boxes to incorporate newer style relays:

    You can see the new "Contactor" on the bottom of the box there.


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      i dont see a time delay


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        The box pictured above is from an 'A' machine, no time delays there. We do have a make shift rake drop mechanism which basically consists of a reset solenoid that trips the rake. ET-2001 automatic triggering with 2 outputs. 1st output (far left cube relay) trips the rake, 2nd output (middle cube relay) resets machine. The cube relay on the right is the motor-start relay.

        I just went to all of our sister centers and showed the mechanics how to get rid of the time-delay board if they have auto-triggering. $14 for the base & relay beats the heck out of $120 for a new TDM.


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          Originally posted by papajohn View Post
          i dont see a time delay
          Many auto-scoring computers have a ball detection system, which has its own time delay. This means that the TDM can be removed from A-2 and Jetback machines, and replaced with a cube relay.

          In fact, if a ball detect system has dry contacts, 24VAC is sent from the pinsetter to the ball detector; which, in turn, applies its time delay and returns to the pinsetter and triggers the cycle solenoid. This simplifies the electrical box, and keeps failure to a bare minimum.

          Another fact: with the advent of solid state relays, even the cube relays can (and will) be replaced. This would be akin to bringing a 60 year old machine into the 21st century


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            Originally posted by SoCalTom View Post
            Another fact: with the advent of solid state relays, even the cube relays can (and will) be replaced. This would be akin to bringing a 60 year old machine into the 21st century
            Not a big fan of the solid state's being used for reset relays and/or motor start relays for the simple fact that the wiring goes directly onto the relay itself, and does not have a separate base. With the wiring running into the separate bases, I don't have a problem with a pinchaser swapping one out if need be if a relay fails. I use the same relay for everything, ball lift control boxes, and main electrical boxes, and I have about 8 spares (two years, none have failed). Simple swap. With solid states they would have to pull off the wires one by one and replace it onto a new relay, even though it's a simple task, it may be over the heads of some of the pinchasers out there.

            I will convert to solid states when/if ice cubes become a thing of the past...


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              i like that you can see the mechanics of the cube relays....makes for quick troubleshooting sometimes without the need for a meter. And they are easier to swap out.


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                Not aware of a SS motor contactor but there is a SS motor start relay.
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