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  • Deck jams

    We have a converted A-2 and we are having almost constant moving deck jams on the 8 pin. I have checked everything in the turret replaced deck chute deck roller, checked spider for binds and havent stumbled onto anything. The snubber adjustment looks good. Im out of ideas need help

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    I had a deck that constantly jammed in the four pin chute. we changed everything and nothing changed until we replaced the moving deck itself. Deck is probably warped. I'd change the deck chute first tho. start cheap then work your way up.


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      If it's constantly the 8 pin, look for a bent or warped spotting finger.


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        I would look at a miss assessment of the 8 pin wires and spoon adjustments


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          check all your wires and spoons because they could be falling into the 8 pin chute after indexing. Spoons my not be locking after 5 pin (this is something specific to 8 pin chute and probably the most likely cause). Or could be a multiple indexing problem, or pingate issue ( but then it probably wouldn't be pins specifically only in the 8 pin chute, you would find them in the 7 also).

          You might have to sit on it a while to see exactly what is going on if you don't find anything that is jumping out at you as the problem. I would like to get a digital camera or some kind of webcam attached to a custom base magnet/clamp so that it can do the sitting and watching for me.


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            Does the deck chute still have the skirt on it,if so trim it down to about 1/4".Is the chute cracked?
            Scissor getting in the way? Scissor guide wire in the way? I've used a cheap camcorder in the past with super results,you can then view it after a problem happened and then fix it.I used a thick foam pad to put it on so as to stop any vibrations.


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              Are any pins missing from the turret when it blacksout?
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                As Mechanick said, sit on the machine and watch the operation. This really is the best way to find the issue without guessing and changing more stuff while not sure. If you have a camcorder, set it up to film and go about other work....this works great for the problems that never seem to happen when we sit and watch the machines but as soon as our back is turned it breaks.


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                  Turn your chute so that the high part is turned toward back of #7 instead of under it.
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                    i will check tomorrow on the spotting fingers. yes when the machine blacks out it is missing the 9 pin. which led me to check the spider and all that stuff thinking that the spider isnt relocking. i checked the pin gate. it stays locked out when its sposed to be just not real sure


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                      The 9 pin is the first pin to load into the turret. If the spider has not locked completely the 9 will drop into the 8 pin bucket thus a double load in that bucket = deckjam.
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                        Originally posted by mrdj View Post
                        i will check tomorrow on the spotting fingers. yes when the machine blacks out it is missing the 9 pin. which led me to check the spider and all that stuff thinking that the spider isnt relocking. i checked the pin gate. it stays locked out when its sposed to be just not real sure
                        The pin release lever in the 5 pin chute may have been bent up at some point in the past and this can make the 5 pin stick in the chute just long enough to cause the spoons to fail to relatch - especially if the release lever is the old, 'wider' type.

                        Had this problem years ago on a couple of machines at a centre where I worked. Took quite a while to figure out what was going on. After sitting and watching one of the machines one day I eventually saw it happen.


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                          One of the 5 pin interlock levers that is hooked to the 5 pin probe. one of the holes was egg holed out. I put a pair of new ones on and ill see what happens tonight.


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                            I have a lane that has been stumping me lately. Its happening once every couple of days. I am getting 7pin deckjams.

                            I checked for pingate issues, looks good.
                            I checked for possible regular mulitple indexing, doesn't seem like it.
                            I checked possible 5-pin multiple indexing, but doesn't seem like it. And the jam is alwyas 1 single pin in the 7 pin chute jammed midway at the belly (not the neck) which seems to neat and tidy and consistent if any of the 3 above were problems ( which might also cause messy jams and pins inthe 8pin chute also).
                            I trimmed the chute. still happening.
                            I put a red jcp chute. still happening.
                            I put a double deck roller. still happening.
                            Checked the scissors, spotting fingers, and slide wire in that spot and all looks good.
                            Checked spoons and guide wires and they are good.
                            Tried dropping pins to deck at spotting pin height and it makes it to the chute.

                            No pins missing from turret when there's the jam.

                            Im stumped.....and i could be sitting on it for 2 - 3 days to see what is ahppening.... I need a camera!


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                              nick try to get pin to stick in the chute

                              one other thing to try is adjust your wire and spoon so pin hits a different part of bucket instead of war its hitting now


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