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moving deck cable keeps popping off


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  • moving deck cable keeps popping off

    im having an issue with a moving deck cable popping off.if i set an empty deck it doesnt do it but when it has pins in it it pops off.the moving deck slams hard.can the moving deck hitting hard cause the cable to come off.went thru the deck itself and didnt see anything binding it up. any suggestions would be only does it when its setting up a full rack.
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    check you moving deck cam follower and shaft. make sure there is no damge, worn or broken parts there.

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      it looked pretty good but you never know what you find untill you take it out and take a closer look at it.
      hey just because its used doesnt mean its no good.


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        Because you said it only happens when pins are in the deck the only thing I can think of is maybe one of your deck rollers is missing and causing the deck to resist when trying to shift backward. You can set 1 pin at a time with the deck in all the different spots ex. 1 pin only, 2 pin only etc...... Please post back with what you find.
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          I would also check all deck related items as stated above, and the geneva rollers, as well as anything that could cause a bind. Sticking deck chutes?
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            could the cabled be to tight and the Geneva rollers on the edge of the slots with the added weight of the pins they could pop out then slam the deck and drop cable
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              so far what i found was when i took the moving deck out because one of the strap looking piece was gone and it looked like it recently broken off and i couldnt find the piece so i figured id take the moving deck out so i can see if it was wedged somewhere.when i did that figured id redo the cables so when i took the cables off the torsion spring had a hard time i took the whole deck assembly out went thru everything and cleaned it up and oiled everything so it moves its back together and ill put it back in tomorow.if it doesnt work atleast it looks real
              hey just because its used doesnt mean its no good.


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                Carman - You jogged my memory. With summer coming on, now would be a good time to rebuild every pinsetter in the house. Do a complete overhaul. Replace everything that looks a little worn; clean, lubricate and adjust everything. Take a machine a day and go to work. Yes, it's going to be labor intensive; but it should be done. Once everything is clean, well oiled, and adjusted properly; you'll have the best running machines in the region.

                Perception is value; and when your customers can bowl virtually trouble free, the word will spread. If you explain what you're going to do to the machines, he may be willing to spend a few bucks, especially when it will increase his income. It takes money to make money is a well-worn phrase, and in this case, it will work.

                Next on the list would be to show him my post about salesmanship and have the best center in the region.

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                  ok put the deck back in made the adjustments and it now sets pins no the issue im having is now it wont pick up pins.the scissors wont close all the way.when i went thru the deck i took all the scissors out and cleaned them and oiled them up changed any that were bent and put them all back in.before i hooked up the scissor cable they were fully my question is am i missing a step somewhere to make them not close.i also changed the deck pads to the thin ones.i did adj my detector rod.any suggestions would be great thanks.
                  hey just because its used doesnt mean its no good.


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                    I had my B reattach the deck after a recent gearbox replacement. He got the scissor cable too tight so they weren't closing all the way. Result was that it wouldn't pick up all of the pins.

                    The way I was taught to make the cable adjustment is to check all of the scissors, find the one that is the tightest to the stops and make sure you have about 1/4 inch of play. You don't want any of them tight against the stops. This causes premature wear on the scissor arms, and could break them.
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                      ok that sounds right.i am right up against the stops right now so i will loosen them up to get that 1/4 play and see what happens.ill repost with what i find.thanks
                      hey just because its used doesnt mean its no good.


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                        got it up and running smoothly now.there was a bind in the scissor mechanism somewhere.i undid everything and started from scratch and finally got it.thanks everyone for your input
                        hey just because its used doesnt mean its no good.


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                          Good deal


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