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  • 180 stop

    have a problem with one of my lanes, during league play or open bowling i get 5 or 6 180s where the 1 pin or 4 pin does not index

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    First step would be to check the adjustment on the indexing trip lever.


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      Is your trip lever up and you need to push down on the head of the pin to get it going? Or is the trip lever already down and the turret needs coaxing to get it to move?
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        trip lever is up need to bump head of the pin to index


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          First check your spring on the long turret belt. If you have the adjustable spring it may be too tight. If it is as loose as it goes without it coming apart (should be together two full turns) then change your short turret belt. If the problem still occurs change the bottom indexing pulley. Let us know what you find.
          (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.


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            Check under your snubber and make sure that there is a rubber pad between it and the cross conveyor mount. This pad raises the snubber up slightly, making the belly of the pin rub on the snubber as soon as it passes the pin gate. This will make the pin stand up as it goes over the edge of the cross conveyor and hit the indexing lever square. Otherwise, the pins will hit and bounce off the turret wires and this action takes away the energy needed to trip the index lever.

            Of course, if your indexing linkage is out of adjustment, or sloppy, these problems need to be addressed first.

            Before doing anything, slap a two foot level up against the bottom of the turret indexing cam and make sure it is level in all directions.


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              One more thing I thought about. If you have a cast indexing cam it may be worn. So the indexing roller can't come up because the worn spot in the cam is holding from coming up freely. Rare but could happen, especially on older machines.
              (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.


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                If you have to push the pin down to index the turret the most likely problem is that the indexing linkage needs to be rebuilt, or adjusted. If it only happens on the #1, and #4 turret positions their may be a chance the outer turret wires are too close together. Their should be about 1/4" between the belly of the pin and the outer turret wire on each side of the pin, when it is resting on the turret spoon. Some times if the snubber is adjusted too far forward it will prevent the weight of the pin from fully pressing the indexing foot down as well. I was always taught to delicately place a pin onto the indexing lever, and the weight of the pin should be enough to depress the lever and index the turret. If it is not enough then you must determine the cause, and correct accordingly.


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                  mikeb is correct...the weight of the pin alone should index the turret. There should be no need for the pin to fall "squarely" onto the indexing trip lever in order to have enough energy to move the trip lever.

                  Usually if you are having issues at the are probably looking at either a snubber adjustment front to rear or a bent turret wire preventing the pin from making it to the indexing trip lever...or a combination of both. The fail to index at the 1 might be a long turret drive belt that is too tight. So you might actually have two or three different issues to address to take care of this. Be sure to check each of these.

                  Long turret drive belt should be only tight enough to get the turret to index hesitation...after the 5. Loosen the belt until you start to see a hesitation as you index through the 5. Once you see the hesitation, tighten the belt back up until the hesitation disappears.

                  Hope that helps...
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