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Spider Turret Problems, and I have no clue (New Mechanic)


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  • Spider Turret Problems, and I have no clue (New Mechanic)

    Hey Guys,

    I'm a new mechanic, and I asked the old mechanic of this center if he knew anything about this problem, but he had no clue, so I'm turning to you guys for help!

    -Time delay gear turns slowly, not enough force or time for the turret to accept pins in the correct place so they fall onto the deck and cause a deck jam. And this only happens once the machine warms up.

    Here is what the other mechanic wrote down for me to add
    -The time delay slows down (After the machine starts warming up, about 3-6 games)
    -Latch tripping arm (Gets stuck, and then shimmies past the point it needs to be at)
    - Then the 5pin drops and the spider will only realease the 5 and 1 pins

    I checked
    >Replaced Spider Tension Spring
    >Spider Cam Roller and where its tracking
    >Blocking fingers and the roller underneath
    >Indexing Roller
    >Indexing Latch
    >Indexing Link (Short)
    >Indexing Bell Crank Lever for binds
    >Allen Bolts Underneath
    >Indexing trip lever

    And then I cleaned the Time delay gear and a lot of the other parts that spin (LOL)
    But Now its a little better since we cleaned it but not working very well.
    Any help would be very appreciated!

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    Have you changed short belt yet


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      I have not, but I will. And get back to you


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        If the time delay gear turns slow then your problem is in the turret clutch. Make sure the shaft bolt that holds the gear on is tight and the gear is not flopping around. Put some oil lightly on the teeth of gear and around the top of shaft bolt, if this dosnt help then you are not getting enough friction between the top pulley and friction disc and you will need to rebuild the turret clutch.
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          The short belt will not effect the way the time delay gear turns. You should remove the upper turret clutch pulley so you can look at the surface of the actual clutch. See if the friction material is worn...this could prevent the time delay gear from turning as it should. There is an oilite bearing on the bottom of the friction disc. Make sure that it is in good shape. If it is can cause the friction disc to drag which will make the time delay gear look like it is turning slow.

          Let us know what you find...
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            To go with what Steve has said above there is a little silver ball in the upper turret clutch pulley,a oilite bearing that has not seen any oil in a long time will gum up and drag the time delay gear speed to a crawl. Put a little oil in there and after a little run time this will free it up if this is the issue and you may not have to disassemble anything.
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              We already cleaned out everything except taking apart the whole turret and which seemed to help but its still not working. And we already oiled everything up. So what would be our next step?


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                What did you clean out? The turret clutch? You stated not taking apart the whole turret? Does that mean you took the clutch itself apart? One common issue with time delay gears that will not turn properly are that the roll pins that keep the bearing retainer from turning are pushed up into the bearing of the friction disc. This can cause the time delay gear to drag or even stop turning completely. Based on your description...this may not be the issue but if you have taken the clutch may have solved the original issue but created a new one. Just a thought.
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                  I know you said you oiled everything but make sure there is oil on the big oilite bearing on the friction disc. Also make sure the roll pins in the bearing retainer are not sticking up slightly (where it rubs on the oilite for the friction disc). This will put resistance to the time delay gear.
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                    ok I'll pass that on, after we put new short belt we were having trouble getting the turret back in place so that is what we are working on, but I'll make sure he does that. What he told me was that he oiled up everything in the turret.


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                      Your old mechanic mentioned that it doesn't release pins correctly, did you check the bearing on the turret release lever at the front of the turret. When the five pin drops thru to release spider assembly, it may be dragging hard on the bearing roller, if it is bad, slowing the turret motion.


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                        Have seen a halo adjusted way to high, drag on the center chute cause it to slow down too


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                          what i do in this situation is start by cleaning the friction disc, the I take a full sheet of sandpaper, lay down on the bench (or any flat surface) and i spin the disc on it. this tells me how much of the pads are making contact and also deglazes.


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                            I go one step further and color the facings with a marker, then SLOWLY sand facings down until almost all of the marker is gone.
                            Just a sure way of getting them flat.
                            You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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                              have you figured this out yet?
                              Having fun yet


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