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  • Blackout problem

    Ok while I was gone on vacation we had light guys come in and change the Pinsetter lights to T8s. The counter guy went to turn on the Pinsetter to cycle it and said it never came on. One pin chaser went and checked it out. Ran it down emptied deck. Said the 1amp fuse was blown when he got there. I checked all the wires, made sure screws were tight and wires secure. With no luck. Changed new cube for motor start and fuses in main plug. Motor contact was changed 6 months ago. When the power is on I push down on the contact and no fire up.
    Any clues or suggestions to figure it out? Idk if it was caused by the light guys or not. I mean the machine was running fine till then. Thanks

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    If the ballast and lamp were changed it could be an issue with that. the ballast and lamp may be fine, but a pinched wire or a screw in a wire may have caused a short in the deck light somewhere. Usually the last thing changed before a problem develops is the problem.


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      Agreed. I'll have to take a look at the light then. Is that also the reason for the 1 amp blowing?


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        Yes...a bad ballast or shorted wire in the light fixture will blow the 1 amp fuse. Unplug the deck light receptacle and plug and then try to run the pinsetter. (Change the blown fuse of course. ) See if it runs and then plug the deck light back in if it doesn't blow the fuse. If the fuse blows then...take the deck light back apart and look for a bad wire. You may have lost the transformer when the fuse is a possibility. Before you fix anything if you find issues in the deck light...take pictures so you have proof of the wiring issue. You may need the proof if there is compensation involved.
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          I have the resettable 1 amp. Plus I unplugged the deck light and still got no power. How do I check for a bad transformer?


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            Leave deck light plug disconnected. Check incoming voltage to the pinsetter then check for for 24-28 vac between terminals TS2-6 and TS2-9. No 24 volts=bad transformer. If you have voltage, use Roscoe's Black Out troubleshooting guide to isolate the problem.


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              Ok I don't mean to sound stupid here, but I'm not really all knowledges in electrical. Do I check with power on and what setting on the multimeter? Cuz I checked on the omega symbol, power off then on and no 24. Then I tried volt ac then volt dc with power on and no 24. Pin light unplugged.


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                Yes with power on. Put meter on highest vac setting. Put leads into drop cord. In the 2 slots that are the smallest. The ground is the largest. Between the 2 you will read 208,220, or 230. This will verify incoming power into the machine and also let you know your meter is working. Then at either the top of the breaker or at TS1-E and TS1-H ,again verify voltage into the machine. Then check as you did for the 24vac at TS2-6 & 9. If no voltage there and all the wires are in place and OK (Check these with drop cord removed) then its time for a transformer change. Future reference on the meter, never check for voltages in the "Omega" or Ohms scale, you can damage the meter. Checking for resistance or continuity is always done with power removed from the circuit. Be extra careful when doing checks with power on in the box!


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                  Coach...if he doesn't have voltage at TS2-6 and could be a bad low side fuse...or fuse holder circuit.

                  Let's check the following places and post your results.
                  We can guide you from there.
                  Remember to check between the two points listed...not to ground as that will not tell you what you need to know.

                  TS1-H to TS1-E
                  TS1-H to TS1-G
                  TS1-G to TS1-F
                  TS1-F to TS1-E
                  TS2-6 to TS2-9

                  Post results...
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                    Yeah I know, I learned that from you! That's why I posted the link to Roscoe's black out checklist so he could see the whole process and maybe understand what we are asking him to check. Hope he signs on soon with the find and maybe some good news.


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                      Wish I had enough free time to make a video of the black out troubleshooting process and a quick "how to use a volt/ohm meter" video. Next best thing to hands on!


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                        I'll check them at work tomorrow. Should it be on VDC or VAC? I think I remember the left side is DC and right (transformer) side AC.
                        And yes coachlin Id love how to videos. They work much better for me then just looking and reading words. I'm a visual kind of guy. Basically see how another does it and my brain processes the steps I saw and repeat. Much like directions. I don't know any roads just visual references lol.


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                          VAC! only thing dc on the machine goes to the magnetic clutch. Left side of the box is high voltage AC and right side is low voltage AC


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                            Ok I checked the main plug and got: 128VAC and then the breaker I got: 222VAC and then ts1-e and h got: 222VAC then I tried ts2-6 and 9 with cords in and power on: .004


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                              Ts1-h to e: 223
                              ts1-h to g: .016
                              ts1-g to f: 223
                              ts1-f to e: .020
                              ts2-6 to 9: .004


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