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Rake cam follower not following cam


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  • Rake cam follower not following cam

    So when my rake is supposed to lower so it can perform a sweep, it hardly lowers down at all. It appears that the cam's follower is not following the cam. It will stay suspended instead of tagging along. Any ideas what I can do to stop this?

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    The rake latch assembly is attached to the cam follower arm, check that there is no binding in the rotation of the arm by disconnecting the rake latch assembly. You have oil lite bushings on that shaft they could be worn or bolt could be overtightened. I would check that first. If there is no binding check the timing of the cam, it could be off.


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      It appears that the big rod going over the top of the machine that the V plates are on, does not seem to be shifting rearward at the proper time, of course leading to the follower not pressing against it's cam. and yada yada yada. I don't know if that helps pinpoint the problem. Also, there doesn't seem to be a bind. in anything, or anything. This problem really confuses me.


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        Where is the high point of the cam at zero? Is it pressing forward on the camfollower bearing or is it before or past... The bearing should be intersecting it about two inches from the roll off. Next I would check your stop bracket at 180 degrees just under the 7 side of the V lever, it should be approximatly 1/8th of an inch clearence at 180. If that is good I would start checking your Vertical and horizontal rod adjustments. Check for binds in your triangle plates. If all else fails, do rake adjustment via Steve Stafford you should be able to find it in the tech tips section here. Another thing that could cause this would be the spring tube; is there any sound coming from it? Like popcorn... If so you could have a bad spring in the tube.


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          What you need to do is eliminate some of the items that are attached through the rake lift shaft. Start by disconnecting the diagonal rods running from the V levers to the triangular plates. This can be done at the V levers if you like. Two bolts and they are disconnected.

          If the rake will lower after disconnecting the diagonal rods, then the issue is in the pit cushion linkage. This is where I believe it is but I can not see the machine to verify. If it still will not go can look at the rake shock or the stop bracket on the left side of the rake system. It has a slotted hole and can be adjusted up or down...depending on the needs. If you still can't get the rake to lower...remove the top bolt through the shock...and see if it will lower then.

          Let us know what you find.
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            Got to go with Steve here and suspect a goofy pit cushion,especially if somebody tightened up worn out cushion parts hoping to do you a favor
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              Your profile states you have model A machines...have they been converted to A2? If you still have hockey sticks, then more than likely your issues are within the rake system and not the cushion...if yours were converted, then yes check the cushion linkages. I'm leaning to a bad rake shock inmy opinion.
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                Remember too that the cushion acts like a counter-balance to the rake. If there is a bind anywhere in the linkage, the rake will not lower. One other area to check are the springs from the rabbit ears. If one spring is weak or broken, the rake won't drop all the way.

                If the pinsetters are Jetbacks or A-2s, probably one of the best modifications to the cushion is the cam and roller from PPP. http://**********************/PitCus...dRollerKit.htm
                This mod eliminates the cushion linkage that is prone to wear and binding.


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                  Run machine Intel cam-flower is off cam
                  remove power now with a par of 1/2 -9/16 ranches start checking all connecting links for bad bushings

                  If bolts are titer because of bad bearings or bushings, that can stop linkage from working


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