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Blowing 1amp Fuse


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  • Blowing 1amp Fuse

    Blowing 1amp fuse. Found a little slime coming out of Mag. clutch socket? Tried plugging everything in 1at a time and nothing blew. Bowled a string on it and it was fine. BUT when gave out machine last night it blew again.
    Need some help, any body have a good procedure for the 1amp fuse.
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    Check for Luises connections in Z box


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      Maybe you have a bare spot on pit lamp cord somewhere that just happens to touch frame once and awhile



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        I keep a few clip-on breakers at basic fuse sizes. Make them up with alligator clips and insulate the connections. Then when troubleshooting an issue like this you are just tripping the breaker rather than going thru a handful of fuses.
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          Drop that clutch electrical socket out of the channel and see if the problem is there. High voltage DC (90 volts) does not like moisture.


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            Slime? Not sure what could cause slime other than electrical tape going bad.
            Yea...take that apart and see what is going on in there.

            Not that I am recommending you jump to this level...

            You can do this temporarily by just inserting fuses/breakers into each circuit and then letting it run until one of them pops. This will let you know what circuit to focus on.
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              Thanks I like that.
              It is still a mystery haven't found the cause yet. I ran it and bowled on it for a while. I'm not satisfied with it, we'll see what happens.


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                It's Monday morning and it blew again Sat. It ran for a couple of days. I think I'll just start replacing things. The machine was sitting at zero when it blew. ????????


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                  definetly sound like your new pins solenoid could be an issue. inspect wire to relay, if no problems found then unplug both wires to solenoid, tape up connectors to solenoid( even though they are insulated it can still find an edge of a screw to ground on. Then check resistance on your new pins solenoid. It should not read 0.0! if it does it is shorted out and needs replacing. I forget what ohm reading should be there but there shoul be recoginzable resistance when tested. If you don't see a problem there then run the pinsetter as is over the next week or so and see if it blows another fuse.

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                    Don't just start replacing things. Determine where the issue is first or you might end up spending hundreds of dollars for a loose wire. Install some circuit breakers to determine what circuit is causing the issue. You will spend about ten minutes to do this and it will cost you just about ten bucks. If you need help knowing where to install them...give me a call and I will walk you through installing them. You could also install some simple 1 amp fuses if you do not have any breakers available like the ones I have in the image above.
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